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Gambling on boxing is not for all sports gambling fans

By mr-gambling on 2015-07-21 12:25:08

Generally speaking it is fair to say that most sports gambling fans will take an interest in almost any sport, and very few sports do not attract significant gambling interest at least at the top level. There is however a difference between gambling on team sports such as football and rugby, and gambling on individual sports such as boxing or athletics. For some sports fans gambling on boxing in particular does not appeal because the winner is sometimes not that obvious and relies on the personal opinion of the judges. Of all the sporting events which can and do rely on judges to decide the winner, boxing is probably the most high profile and attracts the most media attention if a decision is disputed. Clearly it is not good news for a boxer to feel that he was robbed of a decision, but it is also bad news for the boxing gambling fans to lose in this way and is the reason we often hear for avid sports gambling fans to shun gambling on boxing altogether. However there are still a large number of sports gambling fans for whom this is irrelevant and who enjoy the thrill of gambling on boxing as much as any other sport. Certainly there was no doubt about the winner of Scott Quigg’s two round demolition of Kiko Martinez in Manchester over the weekend in the defence of his WBA Super Bantamweight title, and with Northern Ireland’s Karl Frampton apparently struggling to beat Alejandro Gonzales Jnr in El Paso their fight is well set up for boxing gambling fans later in the year. Unfortunately the other title fight on the Manchester Arena bill was not quite so clear cut and many observers were convinced that Anthony Crolla had done enough to win against Darleys Perez. The fight was deemed to be a draw by the judges in spite of two penalty point deductions for Perez, leading to immediate calls for a rematch from the Crolla camp.