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Gambling on Blackjack is not difficult

By mr-gambling on 2014-10-23 13:22:29

There are many online casino gambling games but when it comes to card games gambling on Blackjack tops the table and it really is a very simple game to play but there are one or two thing to remember. Firstly, Blackjack gambling is about beating the dealer and not about trying to get 20 or 21; if the dealer goes bust which they will when following the “draw to 17” method, you will win whatever you have as long as you are still in the hand. This means that to stand on 15 or 16 is sometimes not a bad ploy when gambling at Blackjack but you can also get help from the fact that in Blackjack gambling the dealer has one card showing and if that card is a 5 or a 6 the chances of the dealer going bust is high based on the fact that 5 cards from every suit have a value of 9 or 10. The dealer card showing needs to be watched carefully when gambling on Blackjack. Many of your own Blackjack hands need no thinking about at all as at 17 or above you are going to stand and on 11 or less you are going to draw, there is some debate about whether to double up or not on ten or eleven if the Blackjack game you are playing allows that but remember you only receive one card when doubling up which if it is not a ten can leave you with a poor hand but at least you are still in the game. Gambling on Blackjack is like any other gambling game involving cards in that it involves a lot of luck but by watching which cards have been played especially in a single deck Blackjack game and keeping your eyed on the exposed dealer card you can improve your chances of coming out ahead.