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Gambling on Baccarat is not so difficult

By mr-gambling on 2012-08-06 14:53:35

Baccarat is probably one of the most mysterious of all casino gambling games and has a reputation as being exclusively for the high rollers but in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth as gambling on baccarat is simplicity itself and at online casinos you can play for nearly any stakes you like. Baccarat gambling is a bit different from other gambling games in that there are two hands called the “player” and the “bank” ( the alternative name for baccarat is punto banco where punto is the player and banco is the bank) but the dealer plays both hands. Fortunately the rules of this gambling game are so strict that the dealer has no discretion about how to play the hands so every baccarat player knows what is going to happen. The simplicity of baccarat gambling is that there are only three possible bets, the player wins, the bank wins or a tie which probably makes it the only casino gambling game where you can bet on the bank to win but the most difficult part of baccarat gambling is the count of the cards although this is just a question of getting used to it. We have a full description of the card counting for baccarat gambling here at under the casino section but in simple terms all 10s and picture cards count zero and all others count their face value but when adding up the value of the cards in a hand the total cannot exceed 10. This is achieved by deducting 10 every time the count goes over ten so a total of 12 (a seven and a five for example) becomes 2 which is the same count as a 2 and a King (two plus zero). This is why baccarat gambling has a reputation for being difficult but in actual fact you can gamble on baccarat without ever knowing the counting and still have fun.