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Gambling is not as much fun when home alone

By mr-gambling on 2014-08-22 09:22:53

Now that we are apparently starting to come out of the recession and consumers are starting to spend again, perhaps it is time to have another look at whether this will help revitalise our high streets. There is no doubt that the high street retailers have taken a hit over recent years partly due to the recession but also as a result of the increasing popularity of internet shopping. The same can also be said of the effect of internet gambling on the high street betting shops. We are now regularly told that without the fixed odds gambling terminals many of our betting shops would close, so with these machines under continuing political pressure what is the future for high street gambling. Here at we know that more and more people in Ireland are now doing their sports gambling online and that online casino gambling is also becoming a very popular leisure pastime, so what will save the betting shops. We believe there is one factor associated with most forms of gambling which may ensure their survival, and that is that gambling is always more fun in the company of other gamblers. Yes online gambling is convenient, as is online shopping, but the high street retailers know that most of us still like to actually see and feel what we are buying and the gambling companies are also well aware that gamblers enjoy the atmosphere of collective gambling. There is no doubt that sports gambling on horse racing for example is more fun at the track or watching live in the betting shop than sitting at home. Equally casino gambling for many is not as much fun online as it is at a real casino with the excitement generated by gambling with other people. Online gambling will continue to grow but here at we don’t believe that gambling at home will ever replace on-track gambling, the betting shop or a real casino.