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GAA sports gambling is a unique Irish gambling opportunity

By mr-gambling on 2016-02-18 12:59:47

When it comes to sports gambling in Ireland the dominant sports are of course football and horse racing, but as we have commented before the rise of online sports gambling has meant that sports gambling fans have much more choice than ever before. Irish sports gambling fans in particular have even more choice than most other countries because we have our own GAA sports to follow. Very few countries have access to their own relatively exclusive sports gambling opportunities, the most obvious exception being American football, so the opportunity for gambling on GAA sports provides Irish sports gambling fans with a unique gambling option. The GAA sports of football and hurling are of course only just getting underway at this time of year, with most of the action taking place later in the year, but there is no doubt that gambling on Gaelic football and gambling on hurling will increase as the year progresses. For many sports gambling fans in Ireland GAA sports gambling is particularly popular in the summer and autumn months when the season is reaching its climax, but there is no doubt that real diehard fans will already be following their favourite teams at all levels of the games. It is difficult to say where gambling on GAA sports ranks in the overall sports gambling turnover in Ireland, but they offer such a unique gambling opportunity for Irish sports gambling fans that we are certain that it is very popular and increasing in popularity. If you are an Irish sports gambling fan who for some reason has not yet taken advantage of the opportunity for gambling on GAA sports why not get involved in one or both of these exciting unique sports.