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Five set tennis is an exciting in-play gambling sport

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-23 11:08:30

There is a body of opinion amongst observers of the gambling industry in Ireland that sports gambling activity and revenues drop during the summer following the end of the football season. Given that gambling on horse racing is still the major sports gambling activity in the country by a long way, and there is no evidence to suggest a major downturn in gambling revenues overall this theory must remain questionable. It is possible that some sports gambling fans turn to casino gambling when their favourite gambling sport is not available, but there are many sports gambling enthusiasts who enjoy a flutter on any sport particularly when it is a major event and a sport ideally suited to in-play gambling. Take tennis for example, hardly a major participatory sport in Ireland but gambling on tennis is certainly popular at this time of year because of the two European Major tennis tournaments, the French Open and Wimbledon, which are both well reported and televised. A five set tennis match can change very quickly, particularly in the men’s game where breaks of serve are hard to achieve and tie-breaks are common and can hinge on just one mistake at the wrong time. Irish tennis gambling fans looking forward to the French Open will be slightly disappointed that Andy Murray has withdrawn due to injury, but the return of Nadal following his long lay-off is certain to challenge Djokovic the current world number one, particularly on clay and at Nadal’s favourite venue. The top four ranked men’s players have dominated all the tennis Majors over recent years, and even with Roger Federer beginning to look a little vulnerable at times most fans of gambling on tennis will probably expect that situation to continue this year. It would be a brave gamble to bet against Nadal in the French Open, and not many would look beyond the top four to win Wimbledon where all of them except Murray are former Champions.