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Enjoy some of the blackjack gambling variations

By mr-gambling on 2012-11-02 11:12:05

Gambling on Blackjack remains one of the most popular forms of casino gambling but in addition to the regular blackjack game the online casinos are often offering various blackjack gambling variations which can help to keep the game interesting. For example at Paddy Power casino there is a choice of no less than ten blackjack gambling alternatives and even though the differences can be quite minor it can also enhance enjoyment and in some cases the wallet as well. This last reference refers to Blackjack gambling with a progressive jackpot and the game is called Blackjack progressive. To win the entire jackpot you will need to be dealt four consecutive suited aces (this blackjack gambling game is played with 6 decks) but if you have placed your jackpot bet you are eligible for a number of additional payouts according to the payout table so even for four consecutive aces of any suit will pay an additional 2500 times your bet and even two suited aces will pay 100 times. If you enjoy gambling on blackjack by playing more than one hand then Blackjack Switch might be interesting for you as you must play two hands and in addition to the normal play of “Hit” or “Stand”, you can still take insurance or split but in Switch blackjack you have the opportunity to switch the top cards from each hand with each other. This must be done before any other play is made but it certainly increases you chances of winning at least one of the two hands. The only drawback with this blackjack gambling game is that if the dealer reaches 22 the hand is a push instead of being bust which is the compensation for the dealer but nevertheless worth a look at. There are quite a number of blackjack gambling variations not only at Paddy Power Casino but also at other online casinos such as Ladbrokes casino or Party Casino.