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By mr-gambling on 2013-12-03 12:23:31

One of the greatest advantages that the online casinos have over their land based rivals is the lack of floor space restrictions, and this has resulted in a huge increase in the range of gambling games available to casino gambling fans. For many years casino gambling in Ireland was restricted to the traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and the occasional poker tournament, but the advent of online casino gambling has changed that completely. Visit any online casino gambling site and the first thing you will notice is the huge number of slots gambling games on offer, but there are also a good number of interesting dice gambling games for us to try. Historically gambling with dice is probably the oldest form of gambling there is, but many dice gambling games, with the possible exception of Craps have almost been forgotten. The dice gambling games now available at most online casino gambling sites range from simple games such as ‘Roll’em’ in which we are asked to predict the total value of the throw of two dice, to the more complicated multiple bet opportunities offered by dice games such as ‘Miami Dice’ found on the Paddy Power casino gambling site. Miami Dice is played with five dice and enables players to gamble on a wide range of potential outcomes of each throw of the dice, and with the graphics looking very similar to a roulette table this is certainly a gambling game which will appeal to many fans of the traditional casino gambling games. Whether you prefer the very simple dice gambling games or want to try your hand at the American favourite Craps, gambling on dice is definitely back in favour as a casino gambling game of choice online. Next time you log on to your favourite online casino check out the dice games on offer, we’re sure there’s at least one you’ll enjoy.