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By mr-gambling on 2011-11-14 10:26:04 has been set up specifically for Irish online gamblers to help you find your way around the many online gambling sites which are available and also to point out the many gambling options which this provides. Being written in the English language we know that prospective online gamblers from all over the world will also log in and of course if you are one of those reading this, you are more than welcome to join us. You will notice that recommends our top three or four online gambling providers for the major gambling opportunities such as sports casino and poker and you may also notice that not all of the names carry across all categories but this does not mean that Bet365 for example which we list in our top four online casinos does not have sports gambling; it certainly does and it is very good but we feel that on the whole there are better ones. Which online gambling provider you choose to use will probably depend on what your major online gambling preference is and in any event there is no requirement to stay with one provider for all your gambling. Also o this site we carry descriptions and sometimes tips about the various casino games that are available as well as explanations of lottery gambling, financial gambling and bingo plus a resume of the online gambling providers. Gambling on sports, casino and poker remain the most popular of online gambling activities and for that reason we spend more time covering those but do not forget bingo and lotteries as they can be good cheap fun. If it is the latest news about the online gambling world you are after we are always keeping our eyes open for interesting happenings which we report from time to time. Wherever you do your online gambling enjoy it and stay safe.