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Choose Caribbean stud gambling or Cyberstud poker gambling

By mr-gambling on 2012-03-27 13:16:28

Another of the online casino gambling games that is known by many but played by few is Caribbean Stud Poker and it could be that because it carries the name of Poker  many associate it with the ruthless bluffing game of Texas Hold’em but Caribbean stud has very little to do with that form of poker and is probably the most simple of poker gambling games. Gambling on Caribbean stud requires no bluffing and you cannot be raised out of the game, in fact the only reason that it is a form of poker gambling is that it uses the 5 card poker hand. Only two hands are dealt, one is yours and the other the dealers; there is no changing of cards and apart from your ante your only decision is whether to play or not. Caribbean stud gambling is a straight comparison of your hand versus the dealer hand and the best hand wins. Although that is the game of Caribbean stud in simple terms there are differences in the payouts depending on whether the dealer has a qualifying hand or not which is generally an Ace and King or better and to your benefit the better hand you have the better the odds at which you will be paid. We have a page at in our casino gambling section which covers the gamer of Caribbean stud which explains it in a little more detail or the online casino will usually have an explanation on the pages and it is available at most online casinos but not at Ladbrokes casino. Ladbrokes casino has a very similar gambling game to Caribbean stud which is called Cyberstud poker and although the principles are the same the payouts are different. Generally speaking gambling on cyberstud poker pays lower odds for small hands such as two pairs but this is compensated at the upper end when for example a full house pays out at 14:1 on cyberstud versus a more usual 7:1 for Caribbean stud. Gambling on either casino game is great fun so choose your online casino depending on which game you wish to play.