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Casino software is important in online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2014-06-05 11:25:16

Online gambling has many different facets such as sports gambling and casino gambling but whereas many of the top online gambling companies are happy to write and maintain their own software for sports gambling none of them do so for casino gambling. The casino software business has become a very specialised affair and the majority of online casinos use one of only a handful of casino software available which is why you may have noticed that if you enjoy casino gambling at more than one site they may look remarkably similar. An example of this can be seen at two of the online casinos that are suggested by namely All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino which both use casino software developed by NetEnt and therefore have the same range of casino games as each other. Other major casino software developers include Microgaming, Chartwell, Playtech and Cryptologic and along with NetEnt they supply casino software for virtually all the top online casinos. If you enjoy gambling at an online casino you will most likely not have paid any attention to which casino software is in use and it probably does not matter that much as long as you are happy with the graphics and the gambling games available and it can sometimes be an advantage that more than one online casino uses a particular casino software when it comes to casino slots jackpots. When slots gambling a very small rake is taken from every spin to contribute to the progressive jackpots and this is run by the casino software supplier rather than one individual online casino which means that if more online casinos use the same software they are all contributing which builds up the jackpot much faster than would otherwise be the case. Casino software in the online gambling world is very important.