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By mr-gambling on 2017-06-20 14:39:03

Online gambling is only made possible by the software that the gambling companies use and they employ many people to ensure that their software is as friendly as it can be but when it comes to online casinos the casino software has become so complicated that specialist companies now control the market and the online casino operators buy or lease or rent the casino software for use in their online casinos. There are far fewer casino software companies than there are online casinos available to the Irish casino player which inevitable leads to several online casinos using the same casino software for online casino gambling. This in turn means that online casinos can look very similar to each other and that many of the casino slots which are available can be found at different online casinos. There are plenty of examples of this such as All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino. The layout of the casinos on the home pages is all very similar and many of the casino games are identical as they all have NetEnt casino software in common.  This is absolutely no problem and does not affect your gambling online at all and in fact there are times when having several online casinos using the same casino software is a distinct advantage.

The reference here is to the progressive jackpot slots which often have jackpots in the millions of Euro. The jackpots build up gradually with each spin on a particular slot contributing miniscule amounts to the jackpot pool which is controlled by the casino software company that created the slot. There are even instances where several casino slots are joined together for jackpot purposes which can easily be seen by going to the jackpot section of any of the online casinos. The point is that the more online casinos that carry a particular casino slot the more spins there are likely to be and the quicker the jackpot is likely to grow. Anybody gambling online at these slots has an equal chance of winning the jackpot. This also hoes some way to explain why online casinos seem overjoyed when one of their players wins one of these huge jackpots when you might expect them to be sore at losing so much money. The truth is that the contributions have already been made by all online casinos using the casino software and it actually costs the winners casino nothing extra but they can get all the publicity and try to use it to attract new players.

Casino software suppliers roughly divide into two categories which is simple large and small. Both can have excellent casino software and great casino games but a large casino software supplier simply has more of them. The big three casino software suppliers to the online gambling industry are Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech and you will find these used quite a lot sometimes, as is the case at All Irish Casino, more than one is used at the same time to ensure an even wider choice of casino slots while others stick with just one. A relative newcomer to the scene of online casinos is Amatic Industries who operate online under the name of Amanet. Amatic Industries has been in gambling industry for many years but are best known for their slot machines in cabinet form. These are the casino slots which you might find in clubs and bars otherwise known as one armed bandits but they have recently moved into online gambling by bringing those same games to online casinos. is believed to be the first online casino to pick up on this great range of casino slots and carry the complete range which has some great games in there. For example Grand Tiger™ which has an unusual layout of three symbols showing on reels 1 and 5, four symbols showing on reels 2 and 4 and 5 symbols showing on reel 3 but has wilds (the tiger) which can cover the whole of a reel which multiplies the winning s very quickly. also has some simple casino slots featuring Bars and Fruit as you may have found years ago in the original machines. There are even three reel sots such as Hot 27™ which have only three symbols per reel and they are fruits, bars and 7s. This makes the casino slot extremely easy to follow which many players like. Casino software supplier Amanet does not have the largest range of casino slots but they are well worth looking at at

Possibly the largest range of casino slots can be found at where they have used multiple casino software suppliers and end up with literally hundreds of slots to choose from. is another online casinos available to the Irish casino player that has some interesting casino games from lesser well known software suppliers. One of the favourites at is called Birds on a Wire™ and is created by a company called Thunderkick. Birds On a Wire™ is difficult to explain without somebody being offended as it involves birds being electrocuted but as the birds in question do not resemble any real birds all it need sis a sense of humour. One of them even flies around inside a paper bag. The graphics are really good fun and when the birds are electrocuted they do disappear in a puff of feathers and ashes. Apart from the fun element it is also possible to get some good wins especially with a win multiplier which runs up to 5X with three successive wins but by far the best is the bonus game which is entered by having three of the “paper bag birds” and guarantees a minimum of ten free spins. The free spins are enhanced by a win multiplier which starts at 4X each win and ends up at 20 times the win value. Everything is helped along by the rather overweight black birds which are wild. Give this a spin at and have some fun.