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Casino gambling remains fun with the online casino called Fun Casino

By mr-gambling on 2018-06-20 11:30:38

Gambling online is a bit of a hobby for many people and for most of them it is about trying to beat the bookie if it is sports gambling or trying to beat the odds if it is casino gambling. Sports gambling and casino gambling seem very different but both the bookie and the casino have stacked the odds in their favour. For example of you backed every horse in a race with the same stake you would certainly have a winner but you would lose money. Similarly if you back every number on the roulette wheel at a casino you would have a winner but you would again be out of pocket. This house edge is of course what keeps casinos in business. Online casinos such as All Irish Casino are no different as the odds they apply are the same as any other casino but people keep playing because the online casino relies on as many people playing as possible to make a profit. Just because the house has an edge does not mean that the house will win every time from every player. Casino gambling would not be very popular if that was the case. Some players will lose and some will win but over a long enough time period the casino will come out on top but not with everybody.

There are massive jackpots to be won at online casinos which run into the millions of Euro and somebody wins them so there is an awful lot of online gambling to be done before those winners are in a loss situation. For the rest of the population, online gambling remains a bit of fun and an alternative form of entertainment. All forms of entertainment cost money so why should online gambling be any different? The secret however is to keep it within your means. Going out for dinner is a form of entertainment and some will go to a Michelin star restaurant while others will go to KFC depending on your budget. There is pleasure to be had from both as long as you choose the correct one for your means. There is no fun in going to a Michelin star restaurant if you cannot eat for the rest of the week and the same applies to online casinos. Play the casino games of your choice but always stay within your means. Online casinos are sometimes accused of not doing enough to stop people gambling beyond their means but the problem they have is that they have no idea what any individual can afford to lose; only the player knows that. has recently spotted an online casino where they make every effort to ensure that players stay out of trouble and that is called Fun Casino.

Fun Casino appears as number three on the recommended list at and their idea is to bring back the fun element of online casinos not only by offering an exceptional range of casino games from the top casino software suppliers but by trying to ensure that players remain within their budget. This is done by offering new players the possibility to set their own limits when opening an account. These include deposit limits whereby the total possible deposit amount in a given time period can be set. Wagering limits can be set or bet limits within a certain time period. Players can even set the maximum amount of time that they can spend at the casino. If that were not enough players can also exclude themselves from Fun Casino for a period of time which can be 7 days, 30 days or even six months or if the worst comes to the worst a total exclusion is possible. All of these can be set at the very beginning and apart from exclusions can be changed by the player but any increases will only become effective after seven days. All of this is designed to make sure that online casino play remains fun but actually Fun Casino goes one step further. There will always be those who do not like the idea of setting limits even though they possibly should so there are standard limits which apply automatically when registering. These are easy to change but it makes new players think about it. is all in favour of this but it is always up to the player at the end of the day.

Fun Casino has upward of 450 casino games for you to choose from and they are all available on your smartphone, PC or tablet so you can enjoy the experience wherever you are. Even the live casino option can be played on the go. Casino software used is from the well known NetEnt  and also from Amatic Industries operating under the name Amanet and not forgetting the really big progressive jackpot slots from Microgaming such as Mega Moolah™. Needless to say the casino is correctly licensed both for European countries in Malta by the Malta Gaming Authority and in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission for players from UK countries. Fun casino is all about entertainment but certain things are considered very important such as fast payouts. When you win you want to be able to get hold of your cash quickly so Fun Casino has a 24 hour payment system and any problems can be addressed by the excellent support staff.

Another exceptional feature of Fun Casino is the clarity of graphics used for the casino games. This can already be seen on the home page where bright and colourful images appear. Online gambling at online casinos should be fun and Fun Casino certainly does its best to ensure that it is and that it remains that way. There are many online casinos around for Irish casino players but this one is to be thoroughly recommended and please take the opportunity to set your limits as this will ensure that gambling remains fun.