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Casino gambling relies on casino software

By mr-gambling on 2015-06-01 15:06:14

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular and all the big bookmakers have an online offering and indeed there are online gambling operators that have no high street shops at all anywhere in the world but simply specialise in gambling online.  All online gambling requires software and although many online bookmakers write their own sports gambling software none of them write their own online casino software as this is left to a small number of specialised companies but it exactly this casino software that determines whether or not you enjoy the online casino gambling experience. If you are one of those online gamblers that plays at more than one online bookmaker you may have noticed that online casinos can look very similar to each other (Bet365 casino and BetFred casino being good examples) and this is because they both use the same casino software. Other examples of common casino software include All Irish Casino and Freespins Casino both of which use the well known NetEnt casino software which means that they both offer exactly the same casino games. This fact does not detract from the online casino gambling experience as in fact there are some distinct advantages one of which is that casino slots jackpots are controlled by the casino software company and every online casino that uses the software contributes to that jackpot which means that it builds much faster than would otherwise be the case. This phenomenon also explains why when somebody hits the jackpot when online casino gambling the online casino itself is always very pleased as it can advertise the fact that one of its players has made a lot of money but in actual fact it has not cost the online casino any more money. If you don’t like your online casino then do your casino gambling at an online casino that operates a different software.