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Casino gambling online depends on the casino software used

By mr-gambling on 2018-06-12 15:12:53

Online gambling is clearly big business these days and there are different types available which range from simple lottery gambling to online poker but the most popular forms are still sports gambling online and online casino gambling. Most of the larger online gambling companies provide both but there quite a number that specialise in one or the other. There are however far more online casinos that do not enter into sports gambling than there are sports gambling companies that do not operate online casinos. The reasons for this are probably multiple but one will be the availability of casino software to run an online casino. Many years ago when online casino gambling first started to appear each company was writing their own casino software with variable results but eventually this became too expensive for any single company to justify so what happened was that specialist companies grew that did nothing else but casino software which they then made available to casino gambling companies. In this way the expense of writing and creating casino software was spread over several companies making it viable. This availability of casino software made it much easier for new online casinos to start although it still remains an expensive game to get into. The result is plain to see in that there are very many online casinos available to Irish casino players today and it also explains why many of the same casinos games appear in different online casinos. They are all using the same gambling software.

The fact that there are so many online casinos can be an issue for those who want to get into online casino gambling as most will not know what to look out for and which are good casinos and which are not. tries to help with this by listing a number of online casinos which are known to be correctly licensed for operation in Ireland and which use casino software from reputable companies. Several of these online casinos are also licensed to operate in the UK. Unsurprisingly several of these casinos use the same casino software as at least part of their offering. All those online casinos recommended use more than one casino software which gives a huge choice of casino slots in particular and caters for many tastes. This does not mean that online casinos not listed are no good, it is simply that in the opinion of these are better in terms of casino games available and way of operating.

One factor which is bigger in online gambling than it should be is the use of incentives to attract new customers. Many advertisements for sports gambling use such things as free bets or improved odds as a one off promotion for new players. In online casino gambling the incentives are usually in the form of free money which matches the size of your first deposit into the casino within certain limits. The reason this sort of thing should not be considered more valuable than the casino itself is that these promotions are all one offs plus the so called free money can be quite difficult to actually get your hands on due to the terms attached to it. Fortunately in the online casino gambling world there are at least a couple of alternatives that may well be more attractive. Take for example one of the online casinos in the top three called No Bonus Casino. The name gives it away a little but this online casino makes a point of not offering any bonuses to new players or any other players for that matter but instead offers cash back if you lose. This is actually as good as it sounds and is very simple in operation. There are terms and conditions of course but in principle if you have an account and you make a deposit into your account on any given day and by playing any of the casino games manage to lose the lot on the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day. This is not like the free money offers which are subject to playing restrictions before you can get at that money; the cash back is placed directly into your own plying account which means it is yours straightaway to do whatever you like with. You could even decide to take it out of your account if you wanted to. The next very good thing about this offer is that it is not a one off for new players, the promotion is available to every player on every deposit they make into the casino. Money back when losing at gambling is an unusual thing.

Another alternative to the standard bonus system can be found at an online casino which is not in the top three but can be found under the casino tab is Freespins Casino. This casino uses virtually identical casino software to No Bonus Casino but instead of giving cash back every deposit entitles the player to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. There are three different types of free spins which can be selected which have different values and the number of free spins granted depends on which of these is selected plus how big the deposit is. Larger deposits attract a proportionately larger number of free spins. Anyone who has played casino slots knows how good free spins are and that it is virtually impossible to be losing at the end of free spins play so it is really no surprise that the casino has placed certain requirements that must be met before those profits can be withdrawn from your account. You will have had, however, all the fun of playing the free spins and while meeting the requirements you are playing with profits. Once again this promotion is available to all players on every deposit but you can of course opt out if you wish. These two alternatives could well be more attractive than a one off bonus when you join casino gambling for the first time.