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Casino gambling enjoyment depends on casino software

By mr-gambling on 2017-04-09 16:48:25

The Grand National is behind us and even if you didn’t win on the race itself hopes you made a profit overall at the meeting but now it is time to turn to other ways of enjoying yourself and hopefully making money and that is at your online casino. Fortunately for Irish casino players there is a huge choice of online casino gambling not only due to the number of casino games which are available at an online casino but also the number of online casinos there are. The Irish are quite well known for their liking of gambling and that includes online gambling so it is not surprising that nearly every company that runs an online casino has a presence in the Irish market but there are those who specialise in the Irish casino market such as All Irish Casino and there are sites which are designed to help Irish casino players choose an online casino such as or but whichever you choose the enjoyment level you experience will depend largely on the casino software which is being used. Unlike sports gambling where some larger companies write their own software when it comes to online casinos the software has become so complicated that only a few companies are involved and they have an agreement with the online casino operators. The larger casino software companies are the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech although as is the case with the online casinos themselves there are smaller ones which are just as good but possible less well known.

Because there are fewer casino software companies than there are online casinos you will come across online casinos that look very similar to each other and you will certainly find identical casino games in different online casinos. This is especially true in the casino slots section and it is certainly not a problem and in fact it can be a huge advantage when it comes to progressive jackpot slots. Progressive jackpot slots are often those which have jackpots running into the millions of Euro and the jackpot builds up miniscule amounts with every spin so the more spins there are the quicker the jackpot builds. The more online casinos that are carrying the casino slot in question the quicker the jackpot is likely to grow. In this case it is not one online casino that carries responsibility for the jackpot but rather the casino software provider. If you win one of these jackpots you will be paid by your online casino but in fact it is the casino software provider who ultimately foots the bill. You may have wondered why online casinos are always very happy when one of their players hits an enormous jackpot when you might expect them to be upset by losing so much money. The truth is that somebody winning such a jackpot on their site actually costs nothing but they get all the publicity whereas the casino software company pays out and gets none of the publicity. The casino software company itself also has no cost as the jackpot has built up over time with contributions from every online casino carrying the game.

Many online casinos choose to run their casino gambling with just one casino software supplier but there is no rule that says this has to be the case so the previously mentioned All Irish Casino for example has mostly casino games provide by NetEnt but carries the progressive jackpot slots from Microgaming as well. There are also those that carry casino slots from multiple casino software suppliers. A typical example of this is where in addition to casino slots from Microgaming and NetEnt they also have NYX Gaming, Play N GO, Quickspin, IGT, Genii and others. Each casino software supplier has their own quirks and at you can actually search for a game based on the software supplier. There can be no such thing as a preferred casino software company as personal preference comes into it so much but there are a couple of NetEnt games which thinks might be of interest to Irish casino players and they can both be found at All Irish Casino or other online casinos carrying NetEnt games such as No Bonus Casino or Freespins Casino. The first of those casino slot is known as Gonzo’s Quest™ and instead of having the traditional arrangement of five reels showing three symbols on each reel the fifteen symbols are all independent of each other. Gonzo’s Quest™ is an Aztec themed slot from darkest Peru and the symbols are carved onto pieces of rock but where it gets interesting is when a winning combination is achieved. When this happens the rocks which carry the winning symbols crumble and disappear. Any rocks which were on top of the winning symbols drop down to take their place with any on the top row being replaced. This can result in a further win as the blocks have moved and if it does the process is repeated but at the same time there is a win multiplier which after the first win moves onto to double the next win and three times the win after that eventually ending up at 5 times the win value after three successive wins. There is no limit to the number of successive wins that can be achieved but the win multiplier stops at 5 times.

Another interesting slot from the same casino software supplier is Jack Hammer™ which also utilises the fifteen independent symbol feature bit uses it in a different way. In the case of Jack Hammer™ winning symbols are held and all others are spun again. There is no win multiplier but the original win is often improved by spinning symbols again. The process of holding carries on until the win is not improved whereupon the highest win or wins are paid out. There are free spins symbols and five are required to enter the free spins game where all wins are tripled. Five might seem a lot but remember that three will be held and other symbols spun again so three can easily become five.