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Blackjack gambling is not always the same

By mr-gambling on 2011-11-08 14:25:41

You would think that gambling on blackjack would be the same at any online casino but you would be wrong because there are several different alternatives or rather additions to the game of blackjack which makes blackjack gambling very interesting and none more so than at the new online casino from Paddy Power. Although all blackjack gambling games have the same principle of beating the dealer by having cards greater than the dealer but of total value of 21 or under there are 10 versions at Paddy power some of which it must be said are not real alternatives but just a different name. Take for example surrender blackjack which is the basic blackjack gambling game but as a player you can, after the first two cards are dealt, simply elect not to go any further and forfeit half your stake but this option is available as standard at some online casinos so it might not considered a diffident gambling game. Definitely a different gambling blackjack game is “switch blackjack” which is available at several online casinos and this is a game where you are dealt two hands but have the opportunity to switch the two top cards from each hand with each other if you think that this gives you a better chance of winning at least one of the hands which it clearly might. In this gambling game the dealer also gets an advantage in that whereas normally a dealer’s hand of 22 would bust and lose in switch blackjack 22 from the dealer is a push; 22 in your hand remains a loss. One of the blackjack variations is a bit like poker where there are two community cards that be used by both the player and the dealer; this makes for far better hands but whether your chances of beating the dealer are improved is a matter of opinion but it will certainly add an extra dimension to your blackjack gambling.