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Bingo gambling is not just for the ladies

By mr-gambling on 2011-11-22 18:21:37

Online Bingo might not seem like a true casino gambling game and indeed there are several online sites that specialise only in Bingo gambling but all of the big online casinos that we list here at have excellent Bingo gambling so you can have the best of both worlds and the best thing about gambling on Bingo at a major online casino is that you have all the other gambling opportunities at your fingertips. There are usually bingo games starting every few minutes and mostly for very small stakes per card but obviously the prize money is in accordance with stakes although by searching around you can find prize money of over €2000 for a modest €0.50 per card. For some reason online bingo is thought of as a ladies game and possibly in the bingo gambling halls ladies are still in the majority but when gambling at online bingo we think the distribution is much more even although with bingo players using strange player names it is difficult to know. Bingo gambling is certainly a way to pass time in an exciting environment without having to spend large sums of money and although you can usually buy more bingo cards than you can keep track of, at we think it is much more fun to keep track of them yourself and to know when you just need a couple more numbers. There are games where the number of cards is restricted thereby giving everybody an even chance so look out for these and there are also generally a number of times and rooms where you can play free bingo although any winnings from these games will probably come in points rather than cash. Gambling on bingo is not a ladies only pastime so join in the fun adn if you want to chat then do so or alternatively just stay quiet and play the games.