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Backgammon gambling against other players can be fun

By mr-gambling on 2014-05-16 17:23:01

If you are one of the Irish gambling fraternity that is fed up of playing against the house all the time and would prefer to test your skill against other players the choice is quite limited and especially so if poker gambling is not your cup of tea but there is an alternative called backgammon. Backgammon gambling is not available everywhere but the two most popular online gambling sites in Ireland being Ladbrokes and Paddy Power both offer the game of backgammon; at Paddy Power you will need to be in the “player” section and at Ladbrokes you need the “games” section but even then it takes some finding so if in doubt do a search. Gambling on backgammon can be real fun but do not be fooled into thinking that being a dice gambling game it is only a question of luck as there is also considerable strategy involved. Paddy Power probably has the better ideas for beginners at backgammon gambling where they have created computer programs that you can play against called RookieBot,  AmateurBot and ProBot. It is fairly obvious where you should start with your backgammon gambling and as you gain experience you can progress. In fact, as you become better and better then RookieBot and AmateurBot will no longer accept your challenges. The real excitement of backgammon gambling is of course to challenge yourself against other players and there will usually be someone around who wants to play for the same stakes as you to take a challenge. advises new Irish backgammon players not to go head first into high stakes challenges because although you may win a few games with a little luck, a more experienced player will always prevail in the longer run. Take time to read about backgammon gambling and then try your skill against the “bots” first.