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A new season for gambling on football

By mr-gambling on 2013-07-30 09:06:49

Apart from horse racing, the favourite sport among Irish sports gambling fans is undoubtedly football, and unlike football gambling fans in the UK the Irish football fan has televised access to their favourite sport all year round. The League of Ireland football championship currently runs from March to October so that when British football gambling enthusiasts are kicking their heels waiting for the new season to start, Irish fans of gambling on football are right in the middle of their season. To be fair the closed season for British football gambling fans seems to get shorter and shorter every year, and with worldwide television coverage there is always a football match to watch somewhere in the world, and many of these football matches from foreign leagues have odds quoted daily by our online bookmakers. Nevertheless many football gambling enthusiasts in the UK and in Ireland will be eagerly anticipating the imminent start to the English Premiership in particular, which is reportedly the most popular league in the world based on televised coverage worldwide. Many football fans in Ireland follow the fortunes of English and Scottish football teams as well as their local favourites, and the start of the British football seasons always kick starts a flurry of football gambling activity. This weekend sees the start of the English Championship league and the Scottish Premier league season, followed in two weeks by the first games in the English Premiership. The 2013/2014 English Premiership season may well turn out to be one of the most interesting for years for fans of gambling on football, if only because with the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson all three of the top sides in last year’s competition are now under new managers. Let’s hope that all football gambling fans, whether they follow the League of Ireland or the British leagues can look forward to another exciting season.