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Live casino gambling is available everywhere but has limited casino games

By mr-gambling on 2017-03-08 11:49:27

It appears that playing live casino on the internet is not only possible but it has been around for a number of years. For those that enjoy casino gambling there has long been an alternative to going out and for Irish gambling enthusiasts going out to gamble is not as easy as elsewhere due to the limited number of places where casino gambling is allowed. The alternative is of course online casinos and in this case there is plenty of choice available to Irish gamblers however all of these online casinos are driven by casino software that uses what is known as an RNG or Random Number Generator. This is basically the device when gambling online which determines what the next card is or next number on the roulette wheel and although has every confidence that any online casino listed on their site has the necessary checks and balances to ensure that it really works randomly there are many who really do not trust such a device. This basically then means that you do not trust your online casino but the feeling is going to be more prevalent when you are losing rather than winning. cannot pretend that all online casinos are run with the same honesty as those listed on their site and of course there is plenty of opportunity for a dubious online casino to fiddle but in actual fact an online casino has no reason to cheat or play dishonest games as they will make money anyway over time due to the margin which is on all casino games. The alternative to the RNG is to play live casino which is available at nearly all online casinos these days.

Live casino is trying to imitate an actual land based casino and uses live dealers which are in a room somewhere dealing the cards and spinning the roulette wheel. Because online casinos are internet based it does not really matter where in the world these live casino rooms are although most seem to be located in Eastern Europe. There are a few exceptions such as All Irish Casino, CasinoCasino, or No Bonus Casino where the live casino room is set up in the premises of an actual casino in Malta. The only real advantage to this is that you are more likely to find professional dealers and croupiers and possible the English language used might be better. The major drawback of online gambling atthe live casino option is that the casino games available are strictly limited to those that really need a dealer in order to play. If you enjoy roulette or blackjack then clearly there is no problem as those casino games are always available at live casino and you might even find Baccarat or Punto Banco as it known in places and sometimes Casino Hold’em but that is about it. Many Irish casino players do their casino gambling exclusively on casino slots so for them live casino does nothing and they are stuck with the RNG.

The chances of winning at the live casino option are no better or no worse than at the regular online casino as they are playing exactly the same casino games (providing of course that the RNG is being monitored regularly as it is at casinos listed on this site). The major difference is that you can see what is going on and watch the next card being drawn rather than it just appearing as it does in regular online casino play. It has also been mentioned more than once that the roulette ball seems to take some funny jumps in regular online casino play which is particularly frustrating when the ball seems to have landed in a winning number for you only to see it jump to the number next door. This situation is improving with more modern casino software but basically it is caused by the interface between the RNG which has determined the winning number and the software which controls the movement of the ball on the screen. Somehow the ball needs to reach the required slot on the wheel and this does at times appear jerky but having said that even in live casino or at any land based casino the ball can take some pretty strange bounces including bouncing out of a slot that it appears to have settled in.

Live casino can of course never be quite the same as an actual land based casino where there are loads of people around often with squeals of joy or groans of disappointment. Many casino players go to the casino not only to try to win some money but also to enjoy the atmosphere and excitement which is created by somebody winning big even if it not yourself. It is also interesting to watch how some players play with what most folk would consider huge stakes and it is often those that look like they can least afford it but looks can be deceiving in all walks of life and the casino floor is no different. Live casino at an online casino does not give this opportunity as the only other person you can see is the dealer so you are still an individual playing on your own. would suggest to Irish people wanting to experience casino gambling at its best to choose a good and honest online casino in the first place such as any of those listed on their site and trust the RNG to be random. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose but that is the very nature of casino gambling. At any online casino your choice of casino games is vast with often hundreds of casino slots couple with exciting games such as Craps and all the usual roulette and blackjack games. You can choose between large online casinos such as Paddy Power Casino or smaller online casinos such as CasinoCasino or All Irish Casino. The smaller ones are probably more friendly and personal and as they are likely to use the same casino software you can find identical casino games.