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Try casino gambling as a change from sports gambling this boxing day

By mr-gambling on 2016-12-26 09:43:02

Although Christmas is a family affair for some, Boxing Day is probably one of the most popular gambling days of the calendar with all sorts of sports gambling taking place as long as the weather holds up with horse racing and football being the busiest. Not everybody is into sports gambling however so for those folk there is always the online casino gambling where you can relax and try out some of the newer online slots. All online casinos have a complete range of casino slots for your enjoyment and the range is governed by the casino software which they use as it is the casino software company that has developed the casino slot in the first place. Some of those slots can provide huge amounts of money running not the millions of Euro through jackpots while others focus more on providing hours of entertainment with the chance of winning more modest amounts. Which of the many casino slots that you choose will depend on your objectives. If you are searching for the millions then look out for casino slots such as Mega Moolah™ or Mega Fortune™ both of which have jackpots which run into the millions of Euro on a regular basis. These slots are what is known as progressive jackpot slots and they achieve their huge jackpots by the casino software developer having the same slot appear on several online casino sites and by having them interlinked. Each spin on the slot contributes a miniscule amount to the jackpot fund regardless of which online casino site is being used and the casino software company controls the jackpot money rather than any of the individual online casinos.

For example, Mega Moolah™ is a development from the casino software company Microgaming and Mega Fortune™ is a development from NetEnt which is another major casino software developer. The slots are available at a number of online casinos and some carry one or the other in the line up but online casinos such as All Irish Casino and Freespins casino carry them both.  These jackpot slots are both 5 reel slots and the jackpots are generally triggered by getting into the bonus rounds. Mega Fortune™ for example needs three bonus symbols to take you into the jackpot game where there are three different levels of jackpot which are progressive. Of course there are free spins and wild symbols as well to help you win smaller amounts while waiting for one of the jackpots to come your way. Not all jackpot slots have large jackpots so for example Super Lucky Frog™ is a jackpot slot brought to you by NetEnt and again featured at All Irish Casino which still has three levels of jackpot but the maximum is in the low thousands of Euro rather than the millions but then it is also far easier to get into the bonus game.

For pure entertainment on this Boxing Day there are a couple of casino slots that you might want to try which do not provide a jackpot but still provide good size wins. The first one to look at is Gonzo’s Quest™ which is an Aztec themed slot which instead of fixed reels has exploding stone blocks and of course Gonzo himself looking on to ensure fair play. Large wins are achieved by the win multiplier which ticks over every time there is a win. In normal play winning blocks explode and are replaced by new ones and if those new ones trigger a new win then that win pays at double the odds and the multiplier ticks on again. This continues up to a maximum of 5 times the win or until no new win is triggered. However when the free fall mode is triggered which is equivalent to free spins on other casino slots then the win multiplier starts at three times and continues up to fifteen times the nominal win value. This is where the money can really be made.

Another casino slot worth consideration is Jack Hammer™ or Jack hammer2™ both of which are similar. These slots feature Sticky Wins™ which is a unique feature where instead of winning symbols being replaced they are in fact held and all other symbols are spun again. This clearly gives a chance of the win being increased as more of the same symbols appear and of course there are wild symbols which also count towards the increased win. The process is repeated again and again until no better win is achieved whereupon all active wins are paid out. The larger wins are achieved in free spins mode. It needs 5 or more free spins symbols to trigger free spins but remember that the Sticky wins™ feature also applies to the Free Spins symbols so even three will start the ball rolling and all wins in free spins mode are tripled automatically.

For sheer fun there is another casino slots called Birds on a Wire. This slot can be found at and is brought to you by the casino software supplier Thunderkick. The graphics for this casino slot are really quite amusing and although birds being electrocuted can be described there is nothing like seeing for yourself. The winning bird symbols are burnt to a cinder and fall off the wire disappearing in a puff of feathers and soot. If this sounds a bit ghoulish do not worry as the birds themselves bear no resemblance to real birds. In fact the wild symbol bird is so fat that it could probably not fly anyway and the bonus symbol bird is in a paper bag which would make real flying really difficult. Again there are win multipliers, wilds and bonus rounds and it is n the bonus rounds that the bg money comes into play as the win multiplier runs up to 20 times face value.

There is plenty of entertainment to be had this boxing day with casino gambling and who knows it could be a great start to 2017 by landing a jackpot or a large win