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Online gambling at the live casino option of online casinos is worth a try

By mr-gambling on 2016-11-24 08:48:57

Many people in Ireland enjoy gambling and it can certainly be an exciting form of entertainment. Some even consider sports gambling for example to be a challenge to beat the bookie which it is but when it comes to casino gambling there seem to be different incentives depending on which of the many casino games an individual plays. Many Irish casino gamblers are casino slots players where the game is fast, there is no skill involved and large sums of cash can be won with very modest stakes. Others prefer those casino games where there is an element of judgement involved as well as luck and those people tend to play blackjack or Casino Hold’em. Even those games however still have a large slice of luck involved. Roulette is another popular casino gambling game where only luck is involved but online casino players sometimes complain about the roulette ball not following a natural path which can be construed as a bit of a fiddle on the part of the online casino. Certainly the online casinos listed at deploy no such tricks and the path of the roulette ball can be explained very easily. A random number generator is used to determine the winning number for every spin but the software which is controlling the path of the ball has then to make sure the ball gets into the right slot on the wheel with the wheel turning at a constant speed. This can sometimes appear awkward. If you are one of those people who do not like this, then the solution for online gambling is the live casino option which is available at nearly all online casinos.

Live casino utilises an actual roulette wheel with a real person spinning the wheel so the trajectory of the ball is very natural albeit that roulette balls can also take some extraordinary bounces including what appears to be bouncing out of your winning number as anyone who plays regularly will testify. The winning number is of course determined by where the ball lands rather than by any form of electronics. The live casino option can also be useful to those online gambling players who like to have some form of communication with the dealer as there is a chat option. Very few of these live casinos are actual casinos being instead a specially equipped room, which can be anywhere, with card tables roulette wheels and of course the cameras which enable the player to see what is going on in real time. It is of course the cameras which prevent a real casino being used as other players in the casino would not take kindly to having their faces streamed around the world. The closest anybody comes is at All Irish Casino where the live casino option is streamed from an actual casino building in Malta. The room is in the same building but not the actual casino floor where visitors to the land based casino are playing but at least they have all the expertise available to run a casino.

It is of course not only roulette which is played when online gambling at live casino options, there is always blackjack available as well as Caribbean Stud or Casino Hold’em and quite often Punto Banco or Baccarat. The games are limited to those which require a dealer which means that casino slots or dice games such as craps where the player is throwing the dice are not available. Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is known in some circles is an interesting casino game which is ideally suited to live casino as the player never touches the cards anyway even at a land based casino. There are only two hands dealt in Baccarat which are generally known as the bank and the player (hence the alternative name of Punto Banco) although they could be called A and B for all the difference it makes. The unique thing about Baccarat is that you can back either hand to win or the only other possible result which is a tie. This means that although you are a player at the Baccarat table you can back the bank to win. As stated earlier the dealer plays both hands and although this is a little unusual, there are such strict rules for every eventuality so it really is no problem. Baccarat can be a little difficult to follow to start with as the counting of the value of a hand is a bit obscure but once you realise that all that is happening is that when a total exceeds nine then ten is deducted you will quickly get it. This means for example that a total of a six and a seven which is normally thirteen suddenly becomes three.

Live casino options at online casinos usually have a number of different tables which are either listed according to a particular dealers name or sometimes to the size of the minimum and maximum stakes. Stakes can vary enormously and although the top end is likely to meet the requirements of most normal people the bottom end can be higher than you might find when online gambling in regular online casino play so be prepared for that. Most online casinos will also have an incentive in the way of a casino bonus for playing for the first time at the live casino. This is still likely to be the case even if you have been a regular casino player for some time. This is similar to the way in which online gambling companies who have both sports gambling and online casino gambling will often offer a casino bonus to new players even though the person has had an account with the company for some time. As long as they have never played at the online casino they will probably be eligible for the bonus. If you have never experienced live casino and enjoy your regular online casino play it can be well worth a try.