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Casino software is big business the online gambling world

By mr-gambling on 2016-11-08 10:56:57

Gambling online is a pastime that more and more people are pursuing these days and whilst many restrict themselves to sports gambling there are also many who have found that there is a great deal of fun to be had at online casinos. There are however so many online casinos around that it can be difficult to make a decision about which of them to choose. The best advice is to follow the recommendations of and choose one from their recommended list where you are guaranteed a correctly licensed online casino. Your enjoyment however is only partly down to the online casino with the rest of it being the casino software which your chosen online casino uses. This is because online casinos these days do not write their own casino software as it has become a very specialised subject so that we now have companies which only write casino software and who do not operate online casinos preferring instead to have trade agreements with those that do operate the casinos. There is no secret about which online casinos use which casino software but it is not always obvious unless you actually open up a casino slot for example which generally will give the information away.

There are a number of large casino software suppliers and a few smaller ones and as is the case with online casinos, large does not mean always better it simply means more choice. The larger casino software suppliers include the likes of Microgaming, which often operate under the name of Quickfire, as well as NetEnt and Amatic Industries which operate under the name of Amanet. The smaller ones are the likes of NYX Gaming, Play N Go, Quickspin, IGT and Genii. NYX is actually NYX Gaming Group Limited and they are based in Las Vegas. They claim to have over 100 employees based in more than a dozen countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America which hardly makes them a small company. Play’n GO is based in Växjö, Sweden and the holding company appears to be EveryMatrix so you may also see that name on some of the casino games. Quickspin on the other hand really is a small company based in Stockholm, Sweden specialising in casino slots for the online gambling market. IGT™ is actually International Game Technology and they are based in London, England and are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Offices can also be found in Rome, Italy; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Providence, Rhode Island. USA and they claim to employ over 12000 people worldwide. As you can see, online casino gambling is big business not only for the online casinos but also for the casino software suppliers.

The problem is of course how do you know which of the casino software products you prefer without registering for a load of different online casino accounts but there is a solution in the form of InstaCasino uses all of the mentioned casino software suppliers which means that have a massive line up of online casino slots sufficient for any online gambling enthusiast. There are of course other online casinos that use more than one casino software supplier such as which uses mainly NetEnt casino software but also has Quickspin and Play’n GO along with an as yet unmentioned company called Thnderkick. Either of these will enable you to look at the casino games on offer from the various casino software suppliers. The two online casinos mentioned here are also very good for enabling you to play free casino even before registering for an account. There are online casinos that make life difficult to play the casino games for free so it is always a pleasure to find online casinos that have free play as the default setting meaning that you actually have to elect to pay for real money. All Irish Casino is another which offers this free play without registering an account. Of course most online gamblers are not looking to play for free all the time as there is no chance of winning anything other than play money which is difficult to spend but it is a good way of trying out new casino slots.

With so many casino software suppliers and so many casino slots available it becomes very difficult to make any recommendations about which to play as it is very much a question of personal choice but there are a few which gambling particularly likes and which you might like to try. The frst couple are from NetEnt and can be found at All Irish Casino and they are Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™. Gonzo’s Quest is an Aztec themed slot with 15 independent symbols which are carved onto rocks. When a win is achieved the rocks in that win explode and are replaced by others whilst at the same time a win multiplier ticks up. If the replacement rocks also form a winning combination the process is repeated. Gonzo himself is standing by the whole time and a decent size win will get him dancing a jig which is great to see. Jack Hammer™ on the other hand has a feature which is called “sticky wins”. This casino slot also has 15 independent symbols and it is gangster themed but in this case any winning symbols are automatically held and the remaining symbols spun again. If the re-spin results in a further win, which it often does, then those are also held and the process repeated again and again until no further improvement is made whereupon all wins are paid out. It is quite amazing how quickly small wins can multiply into significant sums of money. Another rather humorous casino slot is Birds on a Wire™ which can be found at InstaCasino but if you are a bird lover it is maybe not for you as winning birds are electrocuted and explode in soot and feathers. They are however only cartoon birds so it really is a of of fun.