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Online gambling with dealers at the live casino option

By mr-gambling on 2016-09-13 09:12:09

Gambling in a casino has been popular for many years but the drawback has always been that you have to travel to get there. For this reason many casinos try to attract visitors by having hotels attached which often have preferential rates and sometimes even stage shows such as in Las Vegas. In this way the gambling experience becomes a mini holiday even if it is only a weekend. Online gambling  struggles to compete with this but it has the advantage that travel is not necessary which in turn saves cost which in turn means more spare cash to gamble with. Some Irish casino players for example still like the idea of the casino rather than playing against some inanimate computer so the online gambling industry came up with the idea of live casino. Live casino is available at most online casinos these days and the idea behind it is that it is real people who are dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel making a more personalised experience. This live casino option works by the dealing of the cards being videoed and streamed to your device so you can see in real time what is happening. The video streaming is of course not from an actual casino where other players are present as that would present issues with privacy but are from a room somewhere which has been equipped with necessary tables and equipment. Anybody who has played live casino will have realised that most rooms are in Eastern Europe somewhere presumably because labour is both cheaper and available but there is at least one exception.

All Irish Casino which is an online casino for Irish casino players has a room for live casino gambling based in an actual casino building in Malta. It is not on the main floor of the casino for privacy reasons but at least the croupiers and dealers know what they are doing. The drawback is of course that this live casino gambling option can only take place when the casino is open but the casino runs quite long hours so it shouldn’t be a problem for most people. There is an alternative at All Irish Casino which runs 24/7 for those that cannot wait. Gambling online at live casinos is somewhat limited in the casino games that are on offer. Roulette is of course always available and is probably the most popular of all live casino games but patience is required as the wheel is sometimes not spun immediately due to other players placing bets and as in a land based casino it can sometimes take a while for the ball to drop. If you have no patience then play at the regular online casino. Live casino does however solve one of the frequent complaints of roulette players at the normal online casino and that is the path of the roulette ball. As it is a random number generator which is being used to determine the winning number the ball somehow has to find its way to the correct slot on the wheel. This can at times be jerky giving the impression of a rigged game which it is not. However, in live casino play the ball follows a more normal path although as we all know even then the ball can take some strange jumps.

Another very popular casino game played at the live casino option is blackjack. The blackjack games as played at the live casino are exactly the same as played at the regular online casino but the variations such as switch blackjack will not be available. Blackjack is a casino game with a certain level of skill and judgement involved as contrary to many people’s thoughts, the idea is not to get as close as possible to 21 without busting but rather to beat the dealer. You can win a blackjack hand with any number if the dealer goes over 21. The blackjack dealer always has to draw cards to 17 but you, as the player, have no such restriction. You have sight of one of the dealer’s cards and if that is a 5 or 6 for example there is quite a good chance that the end result will be more than 21. Nothing is guaranteed of course but a good blackjack player may adjust their strategy as they go along to take this into account.

Baccarat is another interesting casino game found at some online casinos. Baccarat gambling has long been thought of as an exclusive game for high rollers but nothing could be farther from the truth these days. Online gambling has brought all kinds of strange games into the reach of the general public and Baccarat is one of them. Baccarat is also sometimes known as Punto Banco such as at All Irish Casino but the game is identical. There are only three possible results in a game of baccarat which are for ether of the two hands dealt to win or for the result to be a tie and unusually as a baccarat player you can bet on any of the three. When gambling on baccarat you do not actually have a hand. Both hands are played by the dealer which entails nothing more than drawing a card or not. As this happens according to very strict rules there is no room for arbitrary decisions so the dealer might just as well play the cards in the same way that the computer does in the regular online casino. The only slightly awkward thing about baccarat is the counting of the cards but a quick read through the rules will soon put you on the right path.

Casino gambling at the live casino option does have this limitation of a restricted number of games so if you are a casino slots player which many are then you will probably never play at the live casino. Casino slots do not require a dealer and as such will not ever appear in live casino play at an online casino but the regular online casino is still there.