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live casino or regular online casino gambling?

By mr-gambling on 2016-08-20 12:25:38

Most online casinos have a live casino option which is supposed to be the online gambling version of visiting an actual casino but there are many differences. Firstly, many people go to a casino for a night out with friends and can get nearly as much pleasure in watching friends win as actually winning yourself. In the live casino option at an online casino you seem to be the only person playing. There may be others at the same table but you cannot see them. Live casino gambling at online casinos is therefore not for friends and family. That said, it can still be very entertaining and there is always the opportunity to chat with the dealer so it is different from regular online casino gambling where it is you versus the random number generator. Generally speaking the live casinos can be set up anywhere but they are invariably established in one of the Eastern European countries. There is one exception and that is at All Irish Casino where the live casino is streamed from an actual casino in Malta. There are in fact two options at that online casino only one of which comes from the actual casino and that is only open when the casino itself is open which to be fair is when most casino gambling takes place. The other is a 24/7 affair like any of the others.

Every live casino has live dealers which replace the random number generators used for regular online casino gambling. This means that the roulette wheel is being spun and the cards are being dealt while you are watching via web cams. In theory this does not make any difference to your chances of winning as the casino games are exactly the same and the whole idea of a random number generator is that it is as random as live play. A good online casino such as those featured on the site will have its’ random number generator checked frequently by an outside agency. The casino games played at the live casino option are limited to those that require a dealer and the most common are roulette and blackjack. You will sometimes also find Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is sometimes known and occasionally Caribbean Stud. Craps would be a good casino game for live casino but as it does not require a dealer other than to make the payouts which the computer does anyway it s never there. The other big area that is missing from live casino is slots. Slots gambling can only be done at the normal online casinos.

The choice of where to do your live casino gambling becomes a matter of where you feel most comfortable. At All Irish Casino the choice boils down to what stakes you want to play for. There are tables with a minimum of €1 and there are tables with a minimum of €25 both with maximums of €5000 which is more than enough for the large majority of players. Paddy Power casino has similar limits but a choice of attractive ladies and even a gentleman as dealer. Paddy Power also adds Baccarat and Casino Hold’em to the list of available games. Casino Hold’em is a form of poker where the idea is to from a five card poker hand using your hole cards and the community cards but instead of playing against other players you are only playing against the dealer. Many people are put off poker gambling by the thought of losing to a better player so for those people Casino Hold’em might be the answer.

The largest selection of casino tables in live casino can probably be found at where there are no less than 14 blackjack tables including what they call VIP tables which probably means the minimum stakes are higher. There is also a choice of three baccarat tables, three roulette tables and  one for Casino Hold’em. This is in total 21 tables which is more than most land based casinos so there should be something which suits. If roulette is your preferred gambling game then the selection at is even larger. There are in fact fifteen roulette tables at each with different table stakes and which include fast spin options for those that like the game to move a dent pace. Each online casino has slightly different options so it is worth looking around at a few before settling on one.

The whole idea of live casino as an addition to regular online casino gambling is a relatively new thing and was not included in the original online casino offerings. Who thought of it first is not clear but every online casino has taken it up. Statistics do show however that the uptake is not as great as many online casinos had hoped with most casino gamblers sticking to their regular online version. One of the most likely reasons is that casino slots remain the most popular games and casino slots are not available at live casino. Even if players enjoy a variety of casino games such as roulette or blackjack, as many do, most will also have a flutter on the slots from time to time. Live casino is here to stay however unless the number of players really drops off in which case the additional costs of employing dealers might have to be reconsidered. Clearly with the odds being the same there will be more profit in the regular casino than the live casino simply because the overheads are lower. No online casino publishes the relative results of live casino versus random number casino but logic tells us that it must be so. Live casino does provide an additional choice but it is not for everybody as many online casino players do prefer to play alone at their own pace and at their own stakes. The thrill of winning is just as great in either version and if you lose then nobody but you knows about it.