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Online casino gambling is far more popular than going to a casino

By mr-gambling on 2016-07-19 14:43:57

Online gambling is coming on by leaps and bounds as more and more people realise that gambling from the comfort of your own home is more attractive than having to go out to a bookmakers shop or a casino and that the entertainment on offer is just as good if not better. The choices of sports gambling at home are often greater than in the bookmaker but where the difference is particularly noticeable is at the online casino. Even at a large casino such as can be found in Las Vegas which is supposed to be the casino gambling capital of the world you will not find the selection of casino games that are at your fingertips in any of the online casinos available to Irish casino players. There are hundreds of casino slot machines in Las Vegas but there are rows and rows of the same machine whereas at an online casino there are also hundreds but they are all different. Also, while the popular casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Craps are all available you will not find casino games such as the dice game of Sic Bo or the card game Red Dog. The online casino industry is also forever bringing out new casino games which are very easy to bring to market whereas in a land based casino they have to actually construct a mechanical device or machine and to discard an old piece of casino software is much easier than to dispose of a machine so not only are the online casinos more up to date but they are likely to stay that way. The online casino industry has brought casino gambling to more people and some will question whether this has also created more problems but those who want to play casino games have always been able to do it either above ground or underground but at least online casinos are regulated and controlled or at least the good ones are. Online casinos should be licensed and controlled by a recognised authority and if they are not then the advice is not to play there. If you are not sure what is a good licensing authority and what is not then simply stick to the choice of online casinos recommended at as they have to be correctly licensed to appear on the list. There are many online casinos available to the Irish public and to choose one single casino can be quite difficult as they all appear to be similar but they are not. One of the first things to consider when choosing an online casino is what sort of casino gambling you want to do and for what stakes. If you are a high stakes gambler then you will need to choose a casino where high table stakes are offered and if you are a casino slots player then you need to decide whether you are after the enormous progressive jackpots or whether a regular jackpot of a few thousand Euro is enough. Every online casino tries to attract new players with special offers which are often only available to new players but these generally take the form of placing money into your casino bonus account which is equivalent in size to the casino deposit that you made but there are strings attached before you can get your hands on any cash. There are alternatives to this approach such as can be found at where the special offer is not only for new players but for everyone and it is not only for your first casino deposit but for very casino deposit. As the name suggests the special offer or casino bonus takes the form of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The actual number of free spins depends on how much money you deposited and which of the several casino slots you choose to play but it can run into the hundreds of free spins. When playing the free spins you are playing for real money so it is likely that you will win at some stage and if you are lucky at the end of your free spins to be in profit you will have to stake that money a further number of times to get at it. You are however playing with money that is free so you cannot lose. An alternative to this is the money back special which is often found at online sports gambling but not often at online casinos. In sports gambling the money back is generally awarded in the form of a free bet but at it is awarded as cash in your playing account and you are free to do whatever you like with it. The idea here is that if you make a deposit into the online casino and are unlucky enough to lose the whole lot in the same day then 10% of your losses will be back in your account the very next day. It does not matter which casino games you play and the offer is available for every player on every deposit. This may of course change in the future but it definitely a good thought knowing that you cannot lose everything. The casino industry is always looking for new things and these two offers seem particularly attractive. Both Ladbrokes casino and Paddy Power casino have in the past offered free cash to new depositors but this was only €5 and the most recent one from Ladbrokes casino is a no lose €10 which seems to be offered to online casino players who have not played for a while in an effort to attract them back into the fold. tries to keep abreast of all these movements in the online casino industry on behalf of Irish punters and keep them informed so regular reading of these pages is recommended as articles are published on a regular basis on all sorts of subjects.