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By mr-gambling on 2016-06-25 11:56:25

Online gambling has changed the world of gambling dramatically but whereas gambling on sports has always been a part of life in Ireland casino gambling has not, until now that is. Whilst many Irish people would regularly visit their high street bookmaker particularly at the weekend relatively very few would go to a local card club let alone visit an actual casino outside Ireland. The internet has changed all that and today online casinos proliferate and many Irish casino players are taking advantage of that situation. All of the long established bookmakers now have online gambling as an integral part of the business with the possible exception of some of the smaller family businesses who simply cannot afford the upfront costs associated with setting up an online business and so we see Paddy Power and Ladbrokes each running an online casino alongside their vast range of online sports betting. The internet being the internet however it is possible to reach a huge number of people from all over the world from anywhere in the world and this has resulted in plenty of competition in the online casino business for Ladbrokes casino and Paddy Power casino and some of it is very good competition indeed. There is no real barrier to anyone opening up an online casino except that they should be correctly licensed in an approved territory but it must be said that there are some that are not so it still requires some care to select an authentic online casino which is one of the reasons that was established to help Irish casino players. Good online casinos operate under the regulatory body where they are licensed and there are a number of places where this can happen which include Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney and the Isle of Man. All of these places are not coincidentally low tax areas so even Paddy Power casino is not registered in Ireland any more than Ladbrokes casino is. The UK has recently demanded that any online casino with customers in the UK also have a license from the UK authorities but this has not so much to do with ensuring safety of the public as collecting taxes from the online gambling companies. Irish governments have been talking about doing something similar for years but nothing has so far happened. As it is no longer a question of where is my nearest bookmaker, choosing an online casino has become much more difficult due to the choice available and unlike sports gambling sites they can be quite different from each other. All online casinos have the standard offering of roulette and blackjack which remain very popular together with a few other casino games such as Caribbean Stud but the real difference between online casinos lies in the casino slots offering. Casino slots have always been a favourite whether you are in Las Vegas, on board a cruise ship or simple sitting at home probably for the simple reason that they are all very easy to play and whether you win or not is a question of pure luck. There are however vast differences in casino slots on offer and this is down to the casino software which is in use. You will find that several online casinos offer the same range of casino slots either partially or exactly and the reason for this is that there are far fewer casino software suppliers than there are online casinos so several casinos can and do use the same software. Some online casinos also select casino games from a number of different providers to give even more variety. There can be no favourite online casino or casino slot for everybody as personal preference plays an important role which is why this portal provides a short list of online casinos that it is thought should appeal to Irish casino players rather than a recommendation of one. What is sure however is that by choosing a casino from the list you will be playing at a correctly licensed and operated online casino thus guaranteeing as far as possible that you are playing at an honest casino and you will receive your winnings if you win. All Irish Casino is one of the favourites and that uses casino software from NetEnt which is one of the larger provides and offers some of more unusual slots around including a couple of all time favourites such as Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™. Gonzo’s Quest™ uses falling blocks instead of regular spinning reels with the intrepid explorer Gonzo dancing a jig when a good size win falls. The slot also carries a multiplier as winning blocks explode and are replaced by new ones which pays double if that results in another win. The process continues up to maximum of five times payout without any additional funds being played. Jack Hammer™ has an alternative feature called “sticky wins” and here again instead of reels all fifteen visible symbols are independent. This allows winning symbols to be held while all remaining symbols are spun again. If this results in a larger win which it invariable does the process is repeated and repeated until no larger win results and the largest win is then paid out. It is these variations which thinks suit the Irish casino player. Every casino does of course have the more traditional three and five reel slots with the more complicated being often called video slots. These video sots have also increased in variety especially since licensing agreements have been reached with the likes of Marvel Comics as this now allows casino slots to utilise the characters from well known video games and movies together with associated music themes. As you can see the choice is huge and only you can decide on your favourite but do not be afraid to look around at various online casinos or even sign up to several. It cost nothing to register and you might just find something better than supporting your local bookmakers site.