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Online casino software determines your enjoyment

By mr-gambling on 2016-06-17 15:12:41

When you look at an online gambling site you will notice that there are several categories with sports gambling and casino gambling being the two major ones.  If you look at more than one site you may notice that the sports gambling sites are very different to each other but the online casino gambling sites can be quite similar and even offer the same casino games with the same names and this is all down to the software which is in use. Sports gambling software is relatively simple when compared to casino software which is why many online gambling companies will either write their own sports gambling software or at least subcontract it to a software house whilst keeping strict control. Online casino software on the other hand is very complex and the whole market is in the hands of relatively few specialised companies from which the online casinos select which one or ones they wish to use. As there are far more online casinos than casino software suppliers this inevitably results in the same software being used by different online casinos and hence the casino games and in particular the casino slots are identical. Some of the bigger names in the casino software business are Playtech, Microgaming and NetEntertainment or NetEnt for short. Playtech was created in 1999 in Estonia although now based in the Isle of Man and has gradually built up a reputation over the years and is now listed on the main London Stock Exchange and counts Paddy Power casino and William Hill amongst its customers. Microgaming is probably the oldest of the casino software businesses having been around since 1994 which really was at the beginning of the online gambling age. Also based in the Isle of Man Microgaming is responsible for such well known casino slots as Terminator 2™, The Dark Knight Rises™, Game of Thrones™ and Bridesmaids™. These are some of the casino slots typically carried by online casinos. NetEntertainment was founded in 1996 making it nearly as old as Microgaming and it launched its first online casino in 2002. The company specialises in digital entertainment and although the company has its own online casinos they spread their casino games far and wide with casino slots such as Gonzos Quest™ having a major following amongst online casinos such as that provided by 888 casino or All Irish casino.NetEnt is based in Sweden and the shares are listed on the Swedish Nasdaq OMX and offers casino games for all platforms. Alongside these larger casino software suppliers there are several others whose casino games are second to none such as Amatic Industries whose casino slots can be found at online casinos such as Some online casinos use several different casino software suppliers which helps in having a range of casino gambling available as some Irish casino players prefer the rather complicated themed casino slots of then with progressive jackpots whilst others prefer the more simple easier to follow slots provided by the likes of Amatic. The choice is yours and whether or not you enjoy your online gambling experience will depend to large etent on which casino software is in use.

When it comes to progressive jackpot slots having more online casinos with the same casino software is a help. The casino slots with progressive jackpots are in fact controlled by the casino software supplier and every online casino that carries the slot contributes a miniscule amount to the jackpot fund on every spin. This means that the jackpot not only builds to a much larger amount but also builds much faster than it would do if only a single online casino was contributing. You may also have wondered why an online casino is so happy when one of its players hits a large jackpot and the reason is that the actual cash for the jackpot is paid from the jackpot fund that has been built up and funded by many different online casinos. This means in turn that the online casino gets all the publicity which should encourage more new players without it costing anything more. This is good advertising. Some of these jackpots created by the casino software suppliers often run into the millions of Euro and although not won on a weekly basis there are all eventually won. There is not really an answer to the question of best casino software supplier as so much depends on the individual player and what they are looking for from their online casino gambling. Roulette and Blackjack games are all more or less the same but it is the casino slots where the greatest variation can be found. finds NetEnt the best for something a little bit different with casino slots such as JackHammer 2™ which has a feature known as sticky wins whereby any win is held and the remaining symbols spun again to see whether the win can be increased. There is not need to place additional funds for the additional spins and the process of re spinning symbols continues until no improved win is achieved whereupon the highest win achieved is paid out. This is an extremely effective way of getting some pretty attractive wins. Microgaming and Playtech tend to be more conventional in their casino slots but they are the ones that carry the largest casino jackpots so if that is what you are looking for then find an online casino gambling site that uses these brands of casino software. If you are unsure then head to where they use a variety of casino software including some of the great smaller ones such as NextGen Gaming™ or Play’n Go alondside the casino slots from large casino software companies such as NetEnt. This online casino specialises in having multiple casino software suppliers specifically to cater for those that like variety in their casino play. Rather than selecting an online casino therefore it may be better to find a slot you like and try others from the same casino software supplier.