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3 card brag gambling is not played against the online casino

By mr-gambling on 2014-01-28 09:09:28

Gambling at an online casino is not for everybody as there is always a small margin in favour of the casino which is basically no different from any other form of online gambling; even when sports gambling on a match with two participants you cannot get even money on both of them, but there are casino games where the online casino is not participating. One such game is 3 card Brag which dates back to the 16th century and is a gambling game played against other players with a normal maximum of 6 per table. The online casino makes the money from the rake in the same way as online poker. Unfortunately Brag is not available at every online casino but fortunately for Irish gamblers it is available at Paddy Power casino where you can find it in the “player” section. The rules of brag are very simple as there are only three cards dealt with an opportunity in the middle of the round to exchange any number of them (called the draw) and two betting rounds, one before the draw and one after. When gambling on brag the size of the bets are also fixed to the table stakes before the draw and twice the table stake after the draw. The table stake is the size of the big blind. Brag gambling has no “all in” as in online poker and there can only be three raises in a round so you can work out that the maximum you can lose in any hand if you go all the way to the end is 12 times the table stake. The hand values are similar to poker with a couple of exceptions; firstly a run (straight in poker) beats a flush; secondly the highest run is Ace, two, three not Ace, King, Queen as you might expect and lastly the highest three of a kind is threes. Brag is a really great gambling game so if you are fed up with poker give online brag a try.