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3 card brag gambling can be interesting

By mr-gambling on 2015-01-24 11:23:43

Irish casino players do not have a great deal of choice when it comes to online gambling against other players rather than against the house but one such opportunity is 3 card brag and even then it only seems to be available at Paddy Power casino. Other online casinos do have brag in their line up but those are gambling games which are played against the house and therefore not true brag. 3 card brag is an usual gambling game which is in some respects similar to online poker in that you can check raise and fold but there are more differences than similarities apart from the fact that only three cards are used per player. One of the major differences which might appeal to some online brag gamblers is that there are limits to the size and number of raises so the online poker “all in” bet is not possible which means that at least you know your maximum exposure on each hand. Brag gambling has another feature which is not present when poker gambling and that is the ability to play blind which means without having seen your cards. This may sound a bit reckless but when somebody is playing blind in brag gambling the stakes of that person are half what others are putting in and there is an opportunity to change any number of cards after the first round of betting so it is actually quite a popular way of playing. A full description of brag gambling can be found on the Paddy Power casino website which can be accessed directly from this site by clicking on the icon so if gambling against other players is to your liking and the idea of online poker gambling is not then online brag just might be an alternative for you.