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Worldwide lottery gambling at online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2015-02-15 16:55:08

The Irish lottery is probably one of the best known lotteries in the world but Irish lottery players need not restrict themselves to gambling on the Irish lottery as at online casinos there is the opportunity to participate in lottery gambling from all over the world. There is however a difference between gambling on the Irish lottery where you buy a ticket for a fixed price and gambling on lotteries at an online casino as the latter are known as fixed odds lotteries. Lottery gambling where you buy a ticket has prizes which depend upon how many tickets have been sold in the lottery plus how many winning tickets there are so you might be the only lottery winner and pick up millions of Euro or you may have to share with others. Gambling on lotteries at an online casino however is done at fixed odds which vary according to how many numbers you get correct and can range for example in the Irish lottery from 6:1 for a single correct number or 100000:1 for 5 correct numbers. The other advantage of online casinos lottery is that you can stake what you wish instead of having a fixed price ticket. Lottery gambling online is very similar to Keno with the very large exception that whereas the keno numbers are chosen by an RNG (random number generator) lottery numbers are drawn often in front of a live audience so there can be no argument. Lotteries across the world are held on different days of the week and at different times of the day but it are easy to place your bets in advance and your winnings will be waiting for you in your online casino account. Irish lottery players can have a great deal of fun following the other lotteries around the world.