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World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

By mr-gambling on 2011-05-14 09:43:25

Heavyweight boxing has, in the opinion of David Haye, become boring and is losing support. In the lead up to his fight with Wladimir Klitschko, Haye insists that Klitschko is responsible for this perceived loss of interest in the heavyweight boxing division. Gamblers on boxing will of course realise that this sort of verbal sparring has almost become the norm for any championship fight these days and is primarily designed to sell tickets, but there does seem to be a degree of real animosity between these two boxers which may add spice to this fight.  Gambling on boxing has always been big business and the heavyweight division in particular tends to attract gamblers who would not otherwise closely follow the sport. This particular boxing match is being billed as a reunification fight, with Klitschko the IBF and WBO heavyweight champion, taking on Haye the WBA champion at the Imtech Arena in Klitschko’s home city of Munich on July 2nd . We at, along with most gamblers on boxing will be delighted that these three versions of the heavyweight boxing championship will be held by one boxer, although we would point out that the WBC version will still be held by Vitali Klitschko.  Klitschko is currently the odds on favourite with most bookmakers and gamblers on boxing will find odds of 8/13 with Ladbrokes and 4/7 at Paddy Power. For those boxing gamblers who think Haye has what it takes to win all three titles, you can find odds of 7/5 at Paddy Power and 5/4 at Ladbrokes. Many gamblers on boxing prefer to bet on the method of victory with better odds, and again the odds being offered by the two major bookmakers in Ireland are slightly different. Boxing gamblers who think the fight will be decided on points will find odds of 4/1 on Klitschko and 9/1 on Haye at Ladbrokes, but for a Knockout or Technical Knockout Paddy Power have odds of 5/4 on Klitschko with 2/1 on Haye.