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What is the best form of gambling?

By mr-gambling on 2011-12-04 13:39:43

Having been asked by a major Irish newspaper about the best form of gambling for a beginner we here at started to think about it to decide if there was a single form but came to the conclusion that there are too many variables that come down to an individual’s preferences. For example gambling on horse racing can be great fun and many people who know nothing about the sport enjoy horse race gambling and putting their money on nothing more than a nice sounding  name and we sometimes think that this is a good a way as any. Gambling on sports and football in particular is more of a challenge for the individual gambler to seek a result based on knowledge and most online gambling providers have all the statistics available for you to study but there are still plenty of surprises. has come to the conclusion that the best form of gambling giving the best chance of winning for a beginner is the online casino as there are a number of casino gambling games where no skill is required and yet the odds are actually quite good. Gambling on casino slots is a typical example of this where everything is down to luck and you stand as much chance of winning a massive jackpot whether you are gambling for the very first time or whether you played for years. Gambling on roulette is another one where the only knowledge you require is how to place a bet and online casinos will not let you do it incorrectly plus you can read our roulette section here at in which it is explained, the result of winning or losing is entirely down to luck and there are no bets which are better than others in terms of odds paid. Unless you are very knowledgeable about the sport on which you are gambling, is convinced that your best chances of winning at gambling is in an online casino but always remember that any form of gambling is entertainment and not a money making exercise.