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The twenty20 world cup and gambling on cricket

By mr-gambling on 2016-03-29 11:26:16

There is no doubt that the availability of online sports gambling has greatly increased the range of sports we can follow and this has led to a significant increase in the number of people gambling on what we would probably call minor sports. In Ireland for instance gambling on horse racing and football have always been the top two sports gambling activities and of course they still are, but many of us now take the opportunity to gamble on other sports, particularly when a major event is taking place. At the moment for instance the ICC twenty20 cricket World Cup tournament is being contested in India, and although gambling on cricket has never been a mainstream sports gambling activity in Ireland many of us apparently have taken the opportunity to follow the games and bet on the results. Unfortunately Ireland did not get through the qualifying matches this year but the format of the twenty20 version of cricket is such that almost every match provides an exciting spectacle even for sports fans who would not normally follow the game. We all know that gambling on cricket has always been big business in India, but this new format of the game has really taken off in a big way and has undoubtedly attracted new cricket gambling fans everywhere. For those sports gambling fans who have not yet got involved with this type of cricket or this tournament, tomorrow and Thursday are the semi-finals with the final on April 3rd. We don’t think that gambling on cricket will ever be a major sports gambling activity in Ireland, but there is no doubt that gambling on this format of cricket is very exciting and worth having a go.