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Try the outsiders in golf gambling

By mr-gambling on 2013-12-09 16:38:20

When are you too old to play golf on the regular European tour is a question that many will ask and the answer is still not known as 49 year old Spaniard Miguel Angel Jiminez wins the Hong Kong Open title yesterday after a three way play off. In golf gambling the lowest odds are to be found with the younger players so somebody like Jiminez starts tournaments at good odds for golf gamblers to take advantage of and he looks like he could go on forever and if he ever decides to start playing on the seniors tour his first few tournaments could be a golden opportunity for those who like to gamble on golf. The next tournament is the Nelson Mandela Championship which it has been announced will definitely go ahead although golf gambling players beware as it will now start one day earlier on Wednesday instead of Thursday but looking at the entries Jiminez will not be playing. The golf gambling season is winding down now for Christmas but what we have seen this year can be a good lesson for next year. Gambling on golf has always been a risky business but it seems that each week brought a new winner on the US tour which means that looking for an outsider could have been a good ploy for golf gamblers and you would almost certainly have been out of pocket when gambling on golf had you stuck with Rory or Tiger. does not of course make any recommendations about where to put your money in golf gambling or any other kind of online gambling but there were several big odds winners this season but he difficulty is always picking them. As far as golf gambling is concerned is signing off for this year but it will be back in 2014.