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By mr-gambling on 2019-05-06 11:34:19

Gambling takes many forms and fortunately in Ireland there is access to most forms of it thanks to the internet. Several years ago online gambling did not exist and therefore the only way for people to gamble was to visit the local bookmaker which was probably, at best quite a seedy place and certainly somewhere where few females would ever set foot. The next issue was that gambling was very limited to, in most cases, horse and dog racing and of course lotteries. Access to the internet changed all of that and today gambling online is possibly the most common way in which people gamble not only due to the ease of doing it but also due to the range of gambling opportunities which have been presented. Sports gambling, for example, is now available on a complete range of sports from around the world and it is not just on the result that bets can be placed as there are all kinds of in play betting opportunities to keep it interesting. However, possibly the greatest addition to Irish gambling has been online casinos and the live casino option found there. Casino gambling simply was not possible in Ireland as despite most other countries having casinos in nearly every city there was and still is, it seems, a reluctance to embrace casino gambling as a form of entertainment. Even in the USA where sports gambling has been illegal until very recently casino gambling in Nevada and other states has been around for years but they have been quite clever in making it an entertainment centre with shows and restaurants etc rather than simple a casino.

Somebody in Ireland might try again at some stage but the latest attempt which was a few years ago now failed. Maybe with online casinos being available the demand is less but then people still flock to Las Vegas in their millions each year. Ireland has a great selection of online casinos available and has several of the better ones listed and they have even taken the liberty of creating a top three which in their opinion offer the best all round entertainment. The most important thing, as with any internet transaction, is to make sure that where you are in a safe place and in the case of online casinos that the site is offering fair games. One of the best ways to ensure this is to stick to one of the online casinos listed by as they have been vetted to ensure that they are correctly licensed by a reputable and authorised territory and that they use casino software which is known to be operated by an RNG which is regularly checked. Although there are plenty of online casinos to choose from to meet your casino gambling needs, they still cannot really replace the brick and mortar casino as the atmosphere is always going to be missing. Much of the fun of a real live casino is people watching to see how they react to winning or losing. Are they there for the profit or just having fun? The fun players have a budget and actually expect to lose it so are pleasantly surprised if they don’t but even if they are showing a profit they will probably carry on playing because that is why they are there. The profit chasing player however will be the one who takes the profit when ahead of the game and chases losses when behind. This type of player has no idea how long they will be playing; it could be a matter of minutes or it could be hours.

Online gambling, even at a live casino option cannot replicate this fun as players cannot see what others are doing which raises the question of why the live casino actually exists. There a couple of answers to this. Firstly there is an actual dealer and communication with him/her is possible so gambling does not need to be a completely silent pastime although many players actually don’t bother to chat. Even in actual casinos there are enough players who don’t talk to anyone preferring instead to concentrate on what is happening around them but probably the main reason for players choosing the live casino option is a distrust of RNGs. RNGs are Random Number Generators and they are responsible for determining the next card dealt or the next number on the roulette wheel. RNGs have been around for a long time and have many different uses but they are nothing more than computers which can provide a completely random result. All online casinos use RNGs and have done ever since the beginning. RNGs at any of the listed online casinos here at are tested by outside bodies on a regular basis to ensure that the results really are random. This is actually as much in the interests of the casino as it is the punter as any flaw which produced a pattern of results would quickly be spotted by a player and used to his/her advantage. Despite this there are players who believe that an RNG at an online casino can be tampered with and that this happens. Every online casino player is going to have run of bad luck at some stage and this is when the RNG becomes an easy target to blame. Somehow, when winning it is never an issue. The live casino option does not use an RNG as the cards are being dealt and the roulette wheel spun by a human being. There are cameras at strategic places to show what is going on and those pictures are streamed to your computer or other device in a virtually live environment. This does not actually change your chances of winning but it can make people feel better and less dependent on technology. The biggest drawback of live casino is the limited number of casino games which are available which is obviously limited to those which actually require a dealer so many of the games such as casino slots which are very popular amongst Irish casino players are not there.