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Try let it ride gambling for a change

By mr-gambling on 2014-05-08 12:57:17

There are plenty of casino gambling games from which to choose but if you are looking for something a bit different from the regular roulette, blackjack and slots then take a look at Let it Ride or sometimes known as let it ride poker. Do not let the name of poker put you off this online casino card game as it has virtually no similarity to regular poker gambling where you are playing against other players and can stand to lose your whole stack in a single hand. Let it ride gambling is trying to form a poker hand but it is played against the house and you can never lose more than you have staked on the hand and what is more you win if your hand is good enough which is generally accepted as meaning a pair of tens or better. Gambling on let it ride starts unusually by the player placing three bets of equal value so adjust your stake accordingly but remember that you have the opportunity to remove two of those bets at a later stage. After this 5 cards are dealt to the player; the dealer has no cards; but only three of those cards are face up and based on this information you have a gambling choice to make. As stated already when gambling on let it ride you need a hand of a pair of tens or better. If at this stage you think that your chances are good then you let your second bet ride on the hand or if not you simply take back your bet after which the fourth card is revealed and the process repeats itself once more with the third bet. Note that when gambling on let it ride each decision you make is spate so although you might have removed your second bet you can let your third bet ride if the hand improves. Let it ride gambling really is a great casino game and fun to play.