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Try gambling on the unusual casino game of Sic Bo

By mr-gambling on 2012-04-28 14:46:23

One of the more unusual online casino gambling games is the ancient Chinese game of Sic Bo which despite the name is rather enjoyable to play and is a pure gambling game requiring no skill. The Sic Bo board seems at first a little daunting but this is simply because all the possible bets are laid out in front of you but in fact to play Sic Bo all you need to do is forecast the result of three dice. We carry a full explanation of how to play Sic Bo under our online casino gambling pages but the good thing about Sic Bo is that you can choose a high risk and high reward strategy or a low risk and low reward strategy or anything in between. The low risk gambling bets in Sic Bo are small number and high number which gives you nearly a 50/50 chance of winning and therefore pays out at odds of even money but if you want more risky gambling then try gambling on three of a kind coming up; you can bet on a specific three of a kind such as three fives or you can place a bet on any three of a kind coming up. Clearly the chance of this happening is quite small so the odds at which a winning bet is paid are quite large. If you play Sic Bo you can also gamble on a single number coming up and the more of that particular number that are thrown in one go the more you get paid. As online gambling casino games go, Sic BO has a small margin for the online casino meaning that your chances are better than most casino games so if you never tried Sic BO and many people haven’t it is well worth a go for good entertainment