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By mr-gambling on 2011-12-18 13:04:23

One week to go before Christmas and a few hard earned days of rest for most people and as it is Sunday how about trying some different online casino gambling and what we were thinking of is craps. Craps is a dice game that is played extensively in casinos in the USA and is usually associated with crowded tables and excited people shouting funny names like “snake eyes” or indeed “craps” which does not necessarily mean they did not like the way the dice fell. Gambling on craps can get noisy in a land based casino as a game can last several throws of the dice and the craps table is big enough to accommodate many people gambling at the same time; in fact the craps gambling table has two identical ends whereas at an online casino when gambling on craps you will only see one end of a table. The gambling game of craps has a reputation for being complicated but as it only uses two dice it cannot be that bad; the truth is that there are simple bets which are made at the outset of the game and there are what we refer to as secondary bets which can be made later but if you want gambling on craps to be simple there are two very easy bets that you can make. We carry a better explanation of craps gambling on our craps pages here at but the two simple bets are the “pass Line bet” and the “don’t pass line bet” which are areas on the craps table. The pass line bet wins if the two dice thrown show either 7 or 11 and loses if they show 2,3 or 12; if any other number comes up it is called the point and further throws are taken until either a repeat of the point number is thrown or a seven is thrown; if the point comes first you win but if the seven comes first you lose. Gambling on craps really is not that difficult so give it a go this festive season.