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Try gambling on Backgammon instead of poker

By mr-gambling on 2015-05-12 08:44:09 sometimes features casino gambling games that are less well known but which can provide great entertainment and one of those is Backgammon. Gambling on backgammon is not done against the online casino but against other players in a similar way to online poker but of course backgammon is a game for only two players so it is a head to head game. The casino software required for online Backgammon gambling is more akin to that required for online poker so online casino specialists such as All Irish Casino will not carry it but the likes of Ladbrokes casino or Paddy Power Casino will and probably the best known for Backgammon gambling is the Bwin/Party group who have a whole section dedicated to Backgammon called PartyGammon. Gambling on backgammon is, in principle, very straightforward as it is simply a question of throwing two dice and moving counters around the board and as with any gambling game involving dice there is an element of luck involved but there is also an element of skill. An experienced backgammon player will beat an inexperienced play over a number of games. To get started with backgammon gambling you should be able to find some explanation of how it works and some free backgammon games to try it out. Once you feel comfortable you can start playing against other players but as a beginner you are advised to settle on low stakes to start with and build up as your confidence increases. Some online casinos also offer backgammon tournaments which is another way of increasing your exposure and gaining experience without it costing too much. When choosing your stakes for a game of backgammon you should also be aware of the possibilities for doubling up during play which can work to your advantage or disadvantage depending on the state of the game.