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There’s a lot of summer sports gambling to come

By mr-gambling on 2015-06-19 09:25:00

Since the introduction of online sports gambling there is now almost no closed season for gambling on any professional sport. Here at however we are always pleased to hear that our summer sports do see a surge in gambling interest during our seasons and regular sports gambling fans do not just follow football wherever it is being played. Horse race gambling fans do of course have an almost endless season and we have no doubt that on the last day of Royal Ascot today there will be a huge rise in horse race gambling from Irish horse racing enthusiasts. We are also now starting to get involved in many other summer sports with big tournaments coming thick and fast. Today for instance sees the second round of the US Open golf tournament for fans of gambling on golf, and cricket gambling enthusiasts everywhere will have been staggered by the quality of the cricket we have seen in the one day series between England and New Zealand. The deciding match will no doubt be a big draw for cricket gambling fans. Next up those sports gambling enthusiasts with an interest in gambling on tennis can look forward to the start of the Wimbledon Championships. Most of the top players are involved in the first grass court tournaments of the season in preparation for what is still regarded in most tennis circles as the most prestigious tournament in world tennis. The season for gambling on our summer sports may well be relatively short, but there are plenty of exciting sports gambling opportunities to come.