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There is no simpler card game than Red Dog

By mr-gambling on 2011-09-09 08:27:24

If you like card gambling games but find some of them confusing or difficult to play then gambling on Red Dog might be the answer as there is no card game we know that is simpler. Red Dog gambling is done with a standard deck of 52 cards; you are dealt two cards and you win if the third card dealt falls between the first two and it really is that simple. In more detail your first step in red dog gambling is to place a bet which for example at Ladbrokes casino can be from €1 to €1000 and at Party Casino can be from $1 to $200 after which you will receive two cards face up. You now need to decide the chance of a third card being between the two cards you already have and make a decision about whether to play with the stake already placed or to raise by doubling the stake. For example if your first two cards are a three and a Jack there are 7 cards that will fit between them which gives you a better than 50/50 chance of winning. Most wins when gambling on red dog are paid at odds of 1:1 but if the “spread” between your first two cards is three or less the odds increase. The spread referred to here is the number of cards that will fit in between the first two so in the above example we have a spread of 7. Gambling on a red dog hand with a spread of one pays out at 5:1, a spread of two pays at 4:1 and a spread of three pays 2:1, all other spreads are even money. Red Dog gambling has two further rules; if your first two cards are in sequence there are no cards that fit between them so the hand is a push and you get your money back but if your first two cards are a pair a third card is dealt automatically and if the third card makes three of a kind you win at odds of 11:1 and if not your bet is returned. Gambling on red dog is quick and easy and well worth a try.