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The quarter finals of the cricket world cup

By mr-gambling on 2011-03-23 14:15:50

Today finally sees the start of the quarter finals of the cricket world cup, after what to many has been an endless stream of 42 matches played over 30 days. The result of all the qualifying group stage matches is that the eight teams originally favourites to qualify have indeed made it through to the quarter finals, although not without some scares on the way. Gamblers on cricket have had some good opportunities to make money on outsiders with both Ireland and Bangladesh achieving surprising results, but this one day cricket tournament is now down to the top eight one day cricket teams in the world. There are now just seven matches left for cricket gamblers to pick the winners, top scorers, margins of victory or any other statistics the cricket gambler may choose to gamble their money on. Ladbrokes have all three of the Asian teams as odds on favourites to win their quarter final matches, but cricket gamblers may decide that Australia are worth a gamble in any one off cricket match, despite being drawn against India. Then there is England against Sri Lanka. England won the last one day cricket series in Sri Lanka in 2007, and many cricket gamblers believe they have a chance to win any one day cricket match now that they have come to terms with this form of cricket, in spite of somewhat inconsistent performances in the qualifying rounds. Can Sashin Tendulkar score his 100th hundred for India against Australia, having been dismissed early against the West Indies ?. Gambling on cricket is huge in all the Asian countries, and the nature of cricket provides a very wide range of gambling opportunities for the knowledgeable cricket gambler. One day cricket has the added advantage that there is always a result, and the match statistics are clear and easy to understand, enabling the cricket gambler to follow the result of their wager throughout the day. During the cricket world cup there is also full radio commentary available adding to the excitement of cricket gamblers, and offering some opportunities for additional gambling during the game.