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The gambling game of let it ride allows you to remove bets

By mr-gambling on 2012-09-15 13:41:20

Casino gambling takes many forms but in casino card games there is always one thing in common and that is that if you like the look of your cards you increase your stake and blackjack and poker are prime examples of this but there is one online casino gambling game that works in reverse and that is let it ride poker or let it ride for short also known as let them ride in some online casinos. When gambling on let them ride you must place three identical bets before the game starts which may seem excessive but as you have the chance to remove two of those three bets later in the game it really is no different from placing an ante bet and increasing from there. Let it ride gambling does have an advantage however that there are no other players involved, not even a dealers hand so if your hand is good enough, which means a pair of tens or better in most online casinos, you win and the better your hand is the more you will win. Obviously when gambling on let it ride there is no bluffing as there are no other players and your losses cannot exceed your original stake which makes it a good poker game for gambling beginners. Let it ride gambling has another advantage in that each decision you make in regard to letting your stake ride or not is completely independent of any previous or later decision and as you cannot fold your hand you always stand a chance of winning right up to the last turn of the cards. We carry a fuller description of how to gamble and play let it ride in our online casino section here at but if you have never tried it, let it ride is a fun online casino gambling game.