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The football gambling season is nearing the climax

By mr-gambling on 2013-04-13 08:46:50

Like many of us in all walks of life gamblers tend to be creatures of habit. It is well documented that online casino gambling enthusiasts will normally stick to playing particular casino games which they have found that they enjoy, and rarely if ever look for alternatives, and the same can also be said of many sports gambling fans. With the exception of major gambling events such as the Grand National, most sports gambling enthusiasts tend to concentrate on their favourite sports to the exclusion of all others. Not long ago this would mean that football gambling fans for instance would effectively confine their gambling to their respective football season and they would rarely gamble on other sports. Nowadays of course there is televised football all year round for the real football gambling fan, but the end of the European season still attracts increased gambling activity with many matches taking on a more important relevance in terms of trophies or relegation. This year most football gambling fans would not bet against Manchester United reclaiming the English Premier League, but this weekend does see an intriguing FA Cup semi-final between Manchester City and Chelsea at Wembley, for which Ladbrokes are offering a money back deal should Manchester City win. If gambling on football is your passion we also now know the draw for the Champions League semi-finals, and who would now bet against an all-Spanish final between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Perhaps you think that this year might even be an all-German encounter with both Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmond beating their Spanish rivals. Many think that gambling on football should be simply a case of examining the form of both sides and the relative skills of their players, but as with many other forms of sports gambling it is never that easy. Who for instance would have put Manchester United 12 points ahead of their neighbours at this stage of the season using that type of analysis.