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Texas Hold’em isn’t the only poker gambling game online

By mr-gambling on 2015-04-06 11:14:47

The introduction of online casinos has created a whole new leisure activity for many people in Ireland, and casino gambling is rapidly catching up in popularity with sports gambling online. Most new fans of casino gambling usually start with the huge variety of slots gambling games that are now available at almost all the online casino gambling sites, but the more traditional casino gambling games are also proving popular. Many people of course did not have access to a real casino so traditional gambling games such as roulette, blackjack and poker were not accessible before online casino gambling came along. It is rapidly becoming clear that the big winner among these traditional gambling games is poker, and the number of people playing poker in Ireland has surged dramatically. Serious poker players tend to concentrate on the Texas Hold’em poker format because this is the version of poker played at all the major tournaments, but the advantage of playing poker at an online casino gambling site is that most of them offer a range of poker formats to suit all levels of experience and budget. Not everyone enjoys or can afford the escalating stakes associated with poker games such as Texas Hold’em, so the other poker games available online are a welcome option. Poker gambling games such as 5-card draw poker are making a comeback as a direct result of the format being available online, and stud poker is also proving popular. Both of these versions of poker gambling can be played at most of the major online casino gambling sites and they can also be played against the house for fixed odds. This makes poker gambling accessible for everyone irrespective of their poker experience or their budget, and goes a long way to explaining why poker gambling online is now so popular.