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Texas Hold’em is not the only poker gambling game online

By mr-gambling on 2014-12-26 10:56:47

The introduction of online gambling sites has generated a surge in interest in some of the more traditional casino gambling games, none more so than poker. Even those of us who had the opportunity to enjoy casino gambling at a real casino rarely had the chance to play poker, so the game became the preserve of die-hard poker fans often playing at home with a group of friends. The online casino gambling sites have changed that situation completely, and gambling on poker has become one of the most popular online gambling activities in Ireland. New poker gambling fans have even swelled the ranks of players entering major poker tournaments such as the Irish open. For those poker gambling enthusiasts with aspirations of playing tournament poker there is only one poker format and that is Texas Hold’em, but for the rest of us the online casino gambling sites offer a wide range of alternative poker formats for us to enjoy. Some of these other poker games even have very similar rules to Texas Hold’em. Omaha poker for instance also uses five community cards, but each player is dealt four cards instead of two. The number of betting rounds is of course the same and the potential winning pot can be just as big, as can the potential losses. For those who prefer to have more control over their stakes on each poker hand most online casino gambling sites offer a number of other poker gambling games which can be played against the house for fixed stakes. These other poker games include 5 and 7-card Stud poker and of course that old favourite of many a western film, 5-card Draw poker. You will find the rules of all these alternative poker games on our individual casino gambling games pages, so why not take a look and have a go.