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Sports gambling fans always follow the major events

By mr-gambling on 2014-08-06 12:59:03

Most observers would argue that most sports gambling fans tend to confine their gambling activities to the particular sports they are most interested in and have more knowledge about. Generally that is probably true, but it is also true that the top events in many other sports attract a much wider following in gambling terms than the sport usually has. Golf and tennis are good examples of this appeal because gambling on the major tournaments is often far greater than expected. Both the Wimbledon Championships and The Open this year were extremely successful sports gambling events and even the Commonwealth Games has attracted sports gambling enthusiasts. The next major event likely to see the same sort of attention is the US Open tennis tournament, starting on the 25th of this month. In Ireland gambling on tennis is not a big attraction but real sports gambling fans will undoubtedly have a punt on the last major tennis tournament of the year. Those tennis gambling fans who follow the form book will know that the last few years has seen a domination of the sport by the top four world ranked players who have one almost every major title between them, but is that about to change. At Wimbledon for instance two players ranked outside the top four reached their first major semi-finals, with Milos Raonic rising to number six in the world and Grigor Dimitrov getting into the top ten. Perhaps gambling on tennis is about to get more interesting as these new young players develop and progress up the rankings. Clearly Novak Djokovic is still the one to beat but Raphael Nadal appears to be suffering from yet another injury, and with Andy Murray not currently playing at his best and Roger Federer also not his former self, except of course at Wimbledon the field may be opening up. Fans of gambling on tennis and sports gambling fans in general may be about to witness a changing of the guard.