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Software for sports gambling and casino gambling are very different

By mr-gambling on 2018-11-03 14:14:22

Online gambling covers many areas but the three main ones are sports gambling, online casino gambling and poker gambling and the software used in each of those three areas is quite different. Sports gambling software is often developed by the company involved in gambling online and in fact Irish gambling operator Paddy Power  even advertises the fact that their software is developed in house and is supposedly faster than anybody else’s. has no idea whether that is factual or not. When it comes to online casino software, however, the situation is very different as none of the online casinos write their own software. This has not always been the case as in the beginning of online casinos there was no choice but as time has passed the casino games on offer have increased and become so complicated that it would be very expensive for any single online casino to keep developing. The result is that specialist companies have evolved which do nothing else other than online gambling software which includes casino software. The major players appear to be NetEnt, MIcrogaming and Playtech although there are plenty of others out there which have some excellent casino games. The fact that this casino software is now available on the open market has reduced one of the barriers to starting a new online casino which in part also goes towards explaining why there is such a choice of casinos in the online gambling market.

It does, of course, mean that you will find the same casino slots on a number of online casinos which is also not a bad thing especially when it comes to progressive jackpot slots. There are casino slots that offer jackpots of several millions of Euro which is one of the attractions of gambling online but these jackpots are, in fact, administered by the casino software company that invented the games rather than any individual online casino. The jackpots build by every spin contributing a small amount so the more online casinos that are carrying a particular slot the faster the jackpot will grow. The fact that the casino software company is administering the jackpot and making the payment also goes some way to explain why online casinos are very happy when one of their players hits one of these super large jackpots as they get all the prestige but it costs nothing extra.

Gambling online at an online casino has never been more popular than it is today and the competition is fierce to get new players. With the casino software being the same at many places there needs to be another reason to choose one online casino over another. Probably the most important is whether you feel comfortable and well treated but that is after establishing that the online casino you are thinking of joining is correctly operated and licensed. You do not have to check this out yourself as has already done it for you on all online casinos mentioned on their site. A very popular method of trying to attract new players is to offer some form of bonus. This is just as true for sports gambling as it is for casino gambling. The sports gambling bonus is likely to be a free bet or two or increased odds on your first few bets but online casino bonuses more usually take the form of what they call deposit matching bonuses. Under this system the online casino promises to match your first ever deposit into your casino account Euro for Euro up to a maximum amount. The offer can also sometimes be extended to second or even third deposits but the match will be at a lower percentage than the 100% of your first deposit. This type of casino bonus is all very well and enables you to play any of the casino games with that bonus money but the crunch comes when you want to withdraw any winnings.

The online casino bonus will have terms and conditions attached and one of those will state that in order to withdraw any of the bonus money it must have been staked a minimum of 40 times on certain casino games such as casino slots. Casino games that are considered low risk such as Roulette or Blackjack will often not count towards that staking requirement or if they do then it is for a much lower value such as 10% or less. This means that if you received for example a casino bonus of €100 you would need to stake €4000 on casino slots before any winnings could be withdrawn but of you elected to play Roulette at 10% you would need to stake € 40000. As you can imagine this means that although you can have a lot of fun gambling online with the casino’s money they are not that keen for you to make a profit from it.

Fortunately there are at least two online casinos that knows about which take a very different approach to the casino bonus. The first of these is called No Bonus Casino and instead of a bonus the casino gives you cash back if you lose. This might sound strange but it is true. If you make a deposit into your casino account at No Bonus Casino on any given day and somehow manage to lose it all on the same day you will receive 10% cash back the very next day. There are no restrictions on which casino games you must play and nor are there any restrictions on what happens to the cash back money. If you want to remove it from your account then just do that or if you want to carry on playing then you can do that too. Another excellent feature of this promotion is that it is available to every player on every deposit so it is not a one off for new players. You can take advantage of it for as long as the promotion remains active.

The other online casino that offers something different is Freespins Casino which as you might guess offers free spins on a selection of casino slots for every deposit made.